December 7, 2013

Updates On Syria [12.7]: Observers Warn of An Exodus of Islamist Extremists To Turkey And Beyond, Top Iraqi Diplomat Warns A Jihadi Emirate Is Forming In Syria, Global Jihadists Find Home In Turkey

1. An excerpt from, "Turkey should prepare itself for mass exodus of fighters from Syria" by Lale Kemal, Today’s Zaman, November 25:
Turkey, which has an approximately 900-kilometer border with Syria on its south, is unfortunately among the losers of the Syrian war since it has pursued an ill-conceived policy by purely backing the Syrian opposition, while basing its strategies on the quick fall of the Assad regime. On the contrary, Assad has appeared to have been regaining ground, while the opposition lost its fighting edge. It is not surprising that we have been seeing the beginning of the end of the Syrian opposition.

In the meantime, as Ankara has lately begun to realize that there is no guarantee that military supplies via Turkish territory destined for the Syrian opposition are going into the right hands once they cross the Turkish border, it has appeared to have slowly been taking measures to prevent Turkish soil from being a supply route for the opposition fighters. Turkey’s increased security measures against smugglers crossing the Turkish border from Syria are among the evidence that Turkey is tightening its control of supply routes via its territory. Turkey might have been saying enough is enough.

However, as the Syrian regime has been recapturing some opposition strongholds and re-gaining significant military strength as outlined above, we may begin seeing in the near future a mass exodus of fighters to the neighboring countries including Turkey.

Turkey might be preparing itself for a worst-case scenario of mass exodus from Syria, examining the spare area if any is left in the refugee camps where it has already been hosting over 700,000 Syrian war refugees. Alternatively, Ankara may begin facilitating the return of defeated extreme Islamist groups who have escaped to Turkey to where they came from.
And God said unto them, "Let my Jihadis go . . to Turkey, Israel, Europe, Saudi Arabia, and all the nations that are waging an illegal war against the many peoples and cultures within Syria." 

2. An excerpt from, "Iraqi FM says proliferation of extremists may create a jihadi 'emirate' in Syria" by Adam Schreck, AP, December 7:
Iraq's top diplomat warned Saturday that the "toxic" proliferation of extremist groups among Syria's rebels raises the prospect of a jihadist-ruled territory at the heart of the region.

The comments by Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari reflect Iraq's fears that the Syrian conflict is imperiling its fragile domestic security, as well as growing international alarm about the risk posed by waves of foreign fighters bolstering the ranks of armed groups fighting to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Zebari told attendees at a security conference in small Gulf island kingdom of Bahrain that the increase in radical fighters among the Syrian rebels is leading toward the creation of an ungovernable "Islamic emirate" that the world will have to deal with down the road.

"The most important danger coming out of the Syria conflict for Iraq ... and for the region is the mushrooming of terrorist groups and fronts in Syria," Zebari said.

"These are armies of recruits," he continued. "They're not all Syrians. There are European nationals. Some of them have come as far as from Australia, from Canada, and from many other countries. This is really toxic."

The 11 western European countries with the biggest contingents in Syria are estimated to have some 1,200-1,700 people among rebel forces, according to government and analyst figures compiled by The Associated Press. Many others are thought to come from Arab and other Muslim countries.
A Jihadist emirate in Syria is what America, Europe, Saudi Arabia, and Israel all secretly want. The defeat of Assad at this point is just icing on the cake for them. Their goals and objectives for Syria's future go beyond getting rid of Assad's regime, they want to engulf the country in mindless and petty wars for the foreseeable future.

And this is true for their plans towards the entire region: Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, etc. America and Israel are more concerned about the emergence and perseverance of strong rulers who can defend these societies than the presence of erratic and rootless Jihadist terrorists who have no social and political following. Al-Qaeda has been and will continue to be USrael's greatest cultural, political, and geopolitical gift.    

3. An excerpt from, "Syria conflict: Foreign jihadists 'use Turkey safe houses'" BBC, December 7:
Foreign jihadist fighters are using safe houses in southern Turkey to cross into Syria to fight against government forces, the BBC has learnt.
A man running one such house near the border town of Reyhanli said more than 150 people - including up to 20 Britons - had used it in the past three months.

The route through Turkey used by al-Qaeda-linked foreign jihadists is now becoming increasingly organised.

Opposition activists say jihadists are destroying the Syrian revolution.
LOL @ "the BBC has learnt." BBC: go fuck yourself. The BBC has kept its reading and viewing public in the dark about the role played by Jihadist terrorists in the war in Syria throughout the last three years. It is disclosing this reality only after these foreigners and fanatics have been defeated in Syria.