December 4, 2013

The Down Side of Smart Phones And New Electronic Gadgets

An excerpt from, "Dulling the Mind: A Protest by Richard Sale":
All of these smart phones and other “clever” devices are a means of weakening the ability to remember and recall. Such machines to spare the brain labor, reducing a whole science to a handful of visual symbols and signs, making us see at the expense of being able to deeply understand. Today’s infinite sea of data and information depresses thought and is a cause for disquiet. Or it should be.
An excerpt from, "Smartphones Improvements: positive and negative impact on society" by Alwaleed Al Afaliq:
Redesigning smartphones resulted in a technology that can keep you busy for most of the day. In many cases, this can keep us oblivious to our surroundings. As Torilsmith says “everyday I witness someone trip on a crack in a sidewalk, almost tumble down flights of stairs, run into trees and have to slam on breaks…all as a result of being mesmerized by their smartphones” (Torilsmith, January 2012) Moreover, another negative impact of the improvement of smartphones is that it is changing the social norms of our lives. People are starting to be disrespectful without noticing that being busy on their smartphones is the reason. There are many things that show how redesigning and improving smartphones change our social norms. For example, teenagers now a days are texting all the times and adults are receiving work-related phone calls or emails during holydays. Once again, these are just certain negative impacts of smartphones on the society that we must keep in mind while working on improving that technology.
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