December 4, 2013

Pope Francis: Peace for Syria, and Christians of the Middle East

An excerpt from, "Al-Qaeda Kidnapped Nuns From Captured Syrian Village" by Jason Ditz,, December 3:
Syria’s Orthodox Patriarch has issued a call for the release of 12 nuns and three other women who were kidnapped during the weekend fighting over the Christian town of Maaloula. They were taken by fighters from al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra, which seized the town before being ousted by the military.
Video Title: Pope Francis: Peace for Syria, and Christians of the Middle East. Source: Vatican. Date Published: December 4. Description:
Pope Francis on Saturday received a group of Greek Melkite Catholic pilgrims who are here in Rome. The Pope told the pilgrims that his thoughts are with the suffering in Syria, and that his prayers are with those who have lost their lives and their loved ones. "We firmly believe in the strength of prayer and reconciliation", he said, "and we renew our heartfelt appeal to those responsible" to bring an end to the violence. "Through dialogue let them find just and lasting solutions to a conflict that has already wrought too much destruction."

Syria Islamist Militants Forcibly Take 12 Nuns Hostage From Historic City Of Maaloula.