November 4, 2013

Update On Syria: Al-Qaeda Uses CW On Kurds

American President Barack Hussein Obama and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan are two of Al-Qaeda's primary supporters. Photo Source: AFP.

An excerpt from, "Syrian rebels fire chemical weapons at Kurds on Turkish border – TV" Voice of Russia, October 30, 2013:
Syrian rebel fighters have used war chemicals against Kurdish militias in the northeast of Syria near the Turkish border, according to Al-Mayadeen Lebanese TV channel’s report earlier this Wednesday.

According to the TV channel, the fighters used chemical weapons yesterday near a Kurdish militia post in the city of Al-Hasakah, in the Ras Al-Ayn region. But the attack was not reported until earlier today, the TV channel says.

When the shell with war gas that the rebels fired on Kurds burst, the militia saw yellow smoke. Then symptoms of severe chemical poisoning followed by nausea became manifest in the militias, the channel reports.
The threat of the use of chemical weapons on civilians and soldiers alike in Syria has always come from al-Qaeda, not Assad. So this is not surprising news.

This horrific crime against humanity should be attributed the governments of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, America, England, France, Qatar, Pakistan, and Israel. They are backing these Jihadist terrorist gangs in Syria against religious and ethnic minorities.

There will be divine vengeance against these governments for supporting al-Qaeda terrorists, blacking out their crimes, and funding their use of low-level chemical weapons against ethnic and religious minorities.