November 4, 2013

Shrine of Saint John the Baptist, Umayyad Mosque Destroyed By Saudi-Turkish-American-Israeli Backed Jihadist Terrorists

 Source: AP
It will be rebuilt, but this image still leaves a spiritual scar on people of every faith.

An excerpt from, "5 Historical Monuments Have Been Destroyed Forever During Syria's Civil War" by Rachel E. Davidson, Policy Mic, November 1:
In an interview with the Daily Mail, Helga Seeden, professor of archaeology at the American University of Beirut, put this loss into context: "This is like blowing up the Taj Mahal or destroying the Acropolis in Athens. This mosque is a living sanctuary... This is a disaster. In terms of heritage, this is the worst I've seen in Syria. I'm horrified."
The mosque holds a shrine which today may still contain the head of John the Baptist, honored as a prophet by both Christians and Muslims alike, and is believed to be the place where Isa (Jesus) will return at the End of Days. The tomb of Saladin stands in a small garden adjoining the north wall of the mosque.
Video Title: Shrine of Saint John the Baptist in Damascus, Syria. Source: Mazhar Rishi. Date Published: December 19, 2010. Description:
This is the Shrine of Saint John the Baptist (Prophet Yahya) inside the historic Ommayad Mosque in old Damascus, Syria.