September 24, 2013

How To Destroy A Nation The American/USraeli Way In Five Easy Steps


Pay attention future conquerors and rulers of men; killers of the human spirit; ravagers of rebellious foes; crushers of free thought; and eaters of beautiful hearts.

If you want to destroy a nation look not to the fierce hordes of Genghis Khan or the scientific and atheistic armies of European fascism and communism, but to the skillful psychological and propaganda campaigns of the United States and Israel in the 21st century.

USrael has shown the way forward for all would-be masters of men and mass murderers to rise in this century and the centuries to come. Below is their five-step program to destroy a nation.

Be advised: you must have a lot of taxpayers' dough to spend to successfully carry out these psychological and military operations. If you want to build a cultured and civilized empire that will live on for centuries and be noted favorably by historians, look elsewhere.

This five-step program is only meant for bloody-minded conquerors and destroyers who have a natural thirst to destroy, kill, and ravage other lands. Builders of strong empires and cultivators of cultures need not apply.  

1. Spread chaos and mayhem in the designated country by transporting transnational terrorist groups into its main cities, strategic centers, and populated areas. Create sectarian, ethnic, social, and political discord through your vast media empire. Achieve this task under the blanket of invisibility. 

2. Spread false information about the enemy's military capabilities, political intentions, record of crimes, and abuses of power. The nation you seek to destroy must be demonized to no end. The humanity of the enemy must be the first target of your psychological operations.

3. Create a fake mythological and cosmological universe in which your acts of cold-blooded murder and crimes against humanity are justified as moral, right, and a matter of divine fate. This is a tricky stunt, of course, so you'll need to employ priests. Paying off the priesthood to support your political abuses, aggressive wars, and criminal policies will face resistance among some of the more moralistic and God-fearing priests, but there are plenty of Satanic priests around who can spin webs of lies for your regime if the money is right. The important thing is not to be cheap. Bad priests need good money. Print trillions if you have to.   

4. Bombs away! This is the most fun and easy part. After you have set the stage with your lies, paid off the relevant journalistic and priestly authorities, and transported the obedient terrorist groups to their destinations, you can sit back, press the buttons, and enjoy the show.

5. Offer a rebuilding strategy after you have destroyed the infrastructure, economy, cities, people, spirit, and army of the nation you have demonized. We wouldn't want to appear mainly as destroyers, would we? The world is at a different place morally these days than it was centuries ago, so it's better to present a good face in order to mask your crimes, abuses, and transgressions.