September 25, 2013

Add The United States, Turkey, And Israel To The List of State Sponsors of Islamic Terrorism

"Ask not what al-Qaeda has done to America, ask what America has done for al-Qaeda." - President Exceptional of Exceptional Country of exceptional blah blah blah exceptional blah blah blah. 
If any states in the world today have to be defined as "terror states" then the United States, Turkey, and Israel certainly fall into this category, along with the usual suspects such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, North Korea, Cuba, and Syria.

America's support for Jihadist terrorism sounds counter-intuitive, but there is more than enough proof to melt away skepticism in the hearts of disbelievers like this recent photo of an al-Qaeda commander posing inside of a USAID tent.

Washington's fondness for al-Qaeda goes back many decades. Its international strategy is almost entirely built on their deep funding, training, and arming of al-Qaeda. They don't have a love-hate relationship with the terrorist organization, but a love-love-love-love relationship.
Israel's support for al-Qaeda and other Jihadist terrorist groups is pretty well documented, so there is no need to go into the evidence here. It must be remembered that Israel played a big role in handing al-Qaeda its biggest victory ever when its intelligence agency collaborated with the CIA and the Saudi Arabian government to carry out the September 11 attacks twelve years ago. Al-Qaeda really hit the jackpot on that day, and it has the CIA and Mossad to thank for its greatest propaganda and military success. 

Turkey's support for al-Qaeda is guided by an old-school, realpolitik approach to its regional affairs. Turkey is supporting al-Qaeda terrorists to suppress the Kurds, and prevent them from securing their new-found rights and creating a country of their own. 

America, Turkey, and Israel are supporting al-Qaeda for both similar and separate reasons. Each state has its own rationale for backing Jihadist terrorist groups. 

When awakened humanitarians of the world call on the international community to add the United States, Turkey, and Israel to the state sponsors of Islamic terrorism, it is not an attempt at a bad joke or the nonsensical conclusion of a lame conspiracy theory but a serious and scholarly statement that is backed up by evidence and research. 

If the global list of state sponsors of terrorism means anything, if it has any political legitimacy and intellectual substance, then the world must accept the fact that the United States, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are sponsoring al-Qaeda terrorism in Syria, Libya, and across North Africa and the Middle East to advance their own tyrannical interests and corrupt aims.

These states must be held accountable for their support for Islamic terrorism, their repeated violations of international law, their mass murder of innocent people, and their horrific crimes against humanity.