September 2, 2013

America And France: Your Tyranny Will Be Defeated In Syria

Assad has more dignity in his right pinky than these two vile warmongers have in their entire bodies.
"In fact, analysts believe Hollande cares less about public opinion on Syria than his own miserable ratings, which hover around 20%. Despite widespread opposition to bombing Syria, some believe it could nonetheless help Hollande, as it would present him as being in close alliance with Obama in a crucial international conflict. “This operation is far less interesting to France as a country, than it is to Hollande,” says Jean Guisnel, who blogs about military issues for the French newsmagazine Le Point. “Here is an unpopular President who is accused of being too soft, of promising things and not delivering,” he tells TIME. “And besides, it will cost him little. There are no troops on the ground.”" - Vivienne Walt, "France’s Case for Military Action in Syria," Time, August 31, 2013.

"Not only is President Obama’s proposal guaranteed to make things worse, but it risks making things dramatically worse, with threats of retaliation now coming from Syria, Iran, and Russia.  The U.S. media is already describing the proposed missile strikes as “retaliatory,” even though the United States hasn’t been attacked.  Imagine what the pressure will be in Washington to actually retaliate if violence leads, as it so often does, to more violence.  Imagine the enthusiasm for a broader war, in Washington and Jerusalem, if Iran retaliates.  Risking a major war, no matter how slim you think the chance is, ought to be done only for some incredibly important reason." - Washington's Blog, "Caveman Credibility and its Costs," September 2, 2013.
America and France, father and mother of the epic revolutions of the 18th century, are modern-day oppressors and tyrants. They are attacking a country that poses no threat to them and that has not attacked them. And they are making up lies to justify their crime. This shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Western leaders have lost their humanity, their reason, their connection to public opinion, and their connection to reality. They have lost their minds.