August 20, 2013

Would Western Democracies Have Opposed A Coup Against Democratically Elected Hitler?

"One would never know from reading The New York Times editorials and a good deal of its coverage – along with that of other leading news organizations – that the Egyptian armed forces had moved against a political movement attempting to impose an authoritarian regime on the country." - Egyptian professor Abdullah Schleifer, "Media at odds with military in Egypt coverage" [Al Arabiya, August 13].
"The Arab Spring, of course, a destabilization against all the Arab, North African, Middle East, and Islamic countries broadly. The Arab Spring was designed to destabilize all those countries and destroy them, to reduce them to mini states, micro states, failed states, rump states, warlords, civil wars, secessions, and so forth. And you see that the countries where the military was relatively weak such as Tunisia and Libya are the countries where the destabilization has succeeded most."  - Historian Webster G. Tarpley.
I am for the coup in Egypt. Why? Because former President Morsi made asinine statements such as "Jews are descendants of apes and pigs" and was trying to escalate the war against Syria while creating a new one against Ethiopia over a controversy about a Dam Project that experts say could be solved diplomatically.

It does not matter if the majority of the people who participated in the election voted for Morsi and his party, it doesn't mean his regime had any political, popular, and international credibility.

But the United States and the EU think differently, implying that the coup was a mistake and that Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood should be reinstated.

Haven't they learned anything from history? Winning an election doesn't mean the party in power is right and can do anything it wants. Morsi was trying to install convicted terrorists as governors. He was imposing his party's ideas and beliefs on Egypt rather than representing the opinions and collective sentiments of the Egyptian people. And he lost his legitimacy as a result of it.  

Democracy is a joke, it always was and always will be, especially in the age of mass media. Organized totalitarian political groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and the Nazis use brainwashing methods to gain the trust of enthusiastic and fanatical voters, so winning a democratic election doesn't mean anything since the voters are more like captive prisoners of the mind and true believers rather than free thinking and rationally guided human beings. Aggressive, revolutionary, and top-down political movements only care about the exterior of democracy.


The short answer to the question in the title is yes, Western democracies would have definitely opposed a military coup against Adolf Hitler in 1934, one year after he was democratically elected by the German people. There are many reasons. Transnational financial powers behind Western democracies on Wall Street financed Hitler's party from its origins, and American companies such as IBM played a huge role in the Nazi death machine.

But there is more than just the economic angle. There was also a big occult element behind the scenes in Western democracies. They wanted to see the Nazis advance their totalitarian plans and ideology in Germany in order to set up the eventual catastrophic confrontation.

They wanted an enemy, they needed an enemy, and they created an enemy. The question is why? Why do Western democracies secretly support totalitarian warmongers, and back mass movements that bring to power radical messianic figures?

This question must be answered, because the same process is repeating itself in this century, this time in the Middle East and North Africa where warmongering Western democracies are seeking to install Muslim Brotherhood regimes in order to create a clash of civilizations between the West and Islam, with Israel right in the middle of it.

The US and the EU realize that by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood they are helping to launch World War III and massive sectarian warfare in the Middle East. Since 2011, they have sought to create Muslim Brotherhood regimes in Syria, Egypt, Libya, plus there is the MB regime in Turkey, and a possible one on the horizon in Saudi Arabia. There are also Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Pakistan who are protesting to demand the reinstatement of Morsi.

So, there is the possibility of the emergence of a large, Sunni Islamic empire, stretching from Libya to Pakistan, bankrolled and secretly aided by Washington, London, and Brussels, that I'm guessing will be used to fight Israel on one side and Iran on the other. There are already many Sunni attacks on Shiite mosques in Pakistan, Syria, and Iraq, so imagine what radical Sunni militias will do when they are further emboldened by new MB regimes in Syria and Egypt.

The U.S. and EU are bringing this about by trying to remove Assad in Syria, and by discrediting the Egyptian military in the wake of a coup that saved countless number of lives and prevented an expansion of the war in Syria.

Historian Webster G. Tarpley said on his radio show the other day that the only reason why Saudi Arabia is financially supporting the Egyptian military to the tune of $12 billion is because they are afraid that the Muslim Brotherhood will overthrow their monarchy if they are not stopped. It is protection money, Tarpley said.

The Saudis and the Egyptians are not stupid. They don't want their countries to serve as the base for a new Sunni Islamic empire that will only mean destruction and world war for the region and beyond.

The U.S. and EU need to be shamed into fully supporting the Egyptian military and into fully supporting Assad, as well as other liberal and secular leaders in the Middle East. They are much better than what will come after them. Should the U.S. and EU persist in staining Assad and the Egyptian military with lies and propaganda, they will be seen as supporters of unpopular, Islamist, and terrorist forces that the people of both Syria and Egypt have loudly rejected.

Thankfully, the Egyptian military and the Syrian military are standing firm and not allowing Jihadist terrorists, Salafists, and Muslim Brotherhood crazies to break their societies and destroy their nations.