August 20, 2013

Five False Assumptions About The Coup In Egypt And Its Aftermath

1. False Assumption #1: The Coup Against Morsi Was Engineered By The United States And Israel.

There are many Muslims who suffer from the disease of self-righteousness and who believe that any political party with the word "Muslim" in it is somehow holy, sacred, and pure, and is not capable of doing any wrong or injustice. The Muslim Brotherhood is clever because it diverts rational criticism of its policies and methods among poor, uneducated Muslims by saying that anybody who is against them is against Islam and against justice for Muslims in the Middle East.

Turkey's Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan is the biggest pimp in the Muslim world when it comes to playing on anti-Israeli and anti-Western views in the Muslim population in Turkey and the region. On Tuesday, August 20, Erdogan falsely accused Israel of being behind the Egyptian military's coup against Morsi. There are many reasons to be mad at Israel for, such as its role in creating chaos in Syria, but the popular overthrow of Morsi in Egypt is not one of them. All indications are that Israel and Washington wanted a Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt.

Read the article published on this blog last year called, "The CIA-MI6-Mossad Brotherhood Trick Egypt With Muslim Trojan Horse."
2. False Assumption #2: The Muslim Brotherhood Was A Victim Of A US-Controlled Egyptian Military.

The Egyptian army has no ambitions to conquer anybody. It is not looking for a fight. As Colonel Patrick Lang says, "Egyptian forces are really internal security forces." An army that keeps the peace is a good army. And, what's even better is that the Egyptian army is not beholden to U.S. globalist policy strategists and their Muslim Brotherhood allies who want to use Egypt as a springboard for an attack against Syria just like they are using Turkey. Historian Webster G. Tarpley says that the army defied the Obama administration by removing Morsi from power, so the idea that it is controlled by the United States is nonsense. It is an independent actor with its own interests.
3. False Assumption #3: The Ballot Box Is An Honest Reflection of The People's Will, So Morsi Should Have Been Allowed To Serve Out The Rest Of His Term.

Over fifty percent of the Egyptian people did not participate in the election that brought Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood to power. Morsi's government was a minority government that acted like a majority government. Morsi broke off relations with Syria, and was planning strife in Ethiopia. He was acting with the hubris of the American empire on September 12, 2001, except the difference is the American empire was powerful whereas Morsi greatly overestimated his power and his popularity with the Egyptian people.

The Egyptian military acted in the face of Morsi's hubris to preserve what they believe is an authentic, historic, and sovereign Egyptian state. They guessed the mood of the country correctly and removed Morsi from power who was overstepping his boundaries. This is a key point, because it's important to realize that Morsi was defying the will of Egyptians and its army. He was a revolutionary without an army or the people on his side, the dumbest kind of revolutionary.

There are many articles in the progressive and alternative media that express sympathy for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. Here is an excerpt from an article called, "The Grand Scam: Spinning Egypt’s Military Coup" by Esam Al-Amin that was published in CounterPunch on July 19:
As I argued before in several of my articles (as have others), there is no doubt that President Mohammad Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) committed political miscalculations and made numerous mistakes, especially by ignoring the demands of many of the revolutionary youth groups and abandoning their former opposition partners. They frequently behaved in a na├»ve and arrogant manner. But in any civilized and democratic society, the price of incompetence or narcissism is exacted politically at the ballot box. 
Saying that Morsi committed "political miscalculations and made numerous mistakes" is putting it lightly. Morsi was meeting with radical Salafist leaders from the region and declared Jihad against Assad who has done more to oppose Israel than the Muslim Brotherhood ever has or ever will. Morsi was dividing the Muslim world with his treacherous actions, pitting Muslim against Muslim and brother against brother.

Also, there has never been any transformative change in society that was achieved at the ballot box. Power changes hands through revolutions, wars, and coups. Saying that Egypt is not civilized and democratic is an insult. What society is? Was America ever civilized and democratic? Did it transfer power at the ballot box when the CIA killed JFK in 1963? Those who don't know real history insult whole societies by saying they are not civilized and democratic enough to respect the results of the ballot box. The ballot box belongs in the trash bin of history since it keeps putting out trash.

4. False Assumption #4: The Muslim Brotherhood Sit-In Protests Against The Military Were Peaceful.

This point has been covered in the following posts: "Not All The Protesters In Egypt Are Peaceful (Video)" - "Muslim Brotherhood Played With Fire And Got Burned (Video Of Their Weapons Stockpile)" - "MB Supporters Torture Innocent Egyptians In The Name of Allah; World Media Stays Silent" - "Agent Provocateurs In Egypt? A Look At The Shadowy Elements In Pro-Muslim Brotherhood Protests."

Read the article, "One-sided Propaganda Takes The Stage Amid Egypt Violence," by Brandon Turbeville, published in Activist Post on Monday, August 19. An excerpt:
"Amidst the blitz of propaganda coming from the mainstream media regarding the recent events violently unfolding inside Egypt, it is unfortunate that even many alternative media outlets are simply repeating the line being served to them via the corporate media and Western governments.

What is both unfortunate and highly ironic in this situation, however, is the fact that this constant serving of propaganda is rather transparent when one takes a closer look at the claims being used in order to paint the Muslim Brotherhood as the only victim of the conflict. Much like the Syrian crisis, one is almost capable of discerning the true nature of events taking place in Egypt by listening to the reports provided by mainstream outlets and promptly assuming that the opposite has occurred."
5. False Assumption #5: The Egyptian Army Is Oppressing Its People.

In conscript armies the line between the people and the army is less defined and the relationship is more organic. Saying the Egyptian army is oppressing its people is as nonsensical and absurd as saying the Israeli army is oppressing its people. As Egyptian professor Abdallah Schleifer writes:
One would never know, given the absence of any real political parties with grassroots support aside from the Muslim Brotherhood, that the Egyptian army – with its massive number of conscripts and status as a symbol of Egyptian independence – is the most significant popular institution in this country.
The danger in society is when the army and the people are disconnected and there is no love between soldiers and civilians. That's when you get real massacres. What's happening in Egypt and Syria are not massacres, they are violent skirmishes with one side obviously having more firepower than the other because it is a real army. The violent protesters in the Muslim Brotherhood are resisting despite being outgunned, that's brave and deserves to be respected, but, let's not fall into the delusion that they are trying to liberate Egypt from tyranny.

The Egyptian people didn't want the Muslim Brotherhood to rule. They were suffocating the nation's life. The army read the mood of the country correctly, stepped in to remove Morsi, and were greeted as liberators.