July 10, 2013

Mother of Slain Egyptian Police Officer To Morsi & MB: "You Will Never Rise Again"

The lying media channels and government propagandists that are trying to paint Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood as victimized democrats are lame as hell. They are not victims.

The Muslim Brotherhood always was and always will be a despicable band of foreign-owned terrorists who hide behind a false Islamic mask to lend credibility to themselves.

During their very short reign, they were creating foreign policy fires for Egypt by breaking off relations with a historic and brotherly neighbour in Syria, allying themselves with sectarian terrorists from the Gulf area, and using war rhetoric against Ethiopia instead of resolving the dispute over the Nile diplomatically and peacefully.

Tens of millions of Egyptians (highest estimate is 14 million) went out into the streets to stop the madness of the Muslim Brotherhood and they were successful. To deny them this victory by calling what happened a coup is dishonest, and intellectually incorrect.

Technically, it wasn't a coup. The massive presence of millions of people on the streets who were calling for the removal of Morsi and early elections were not being ordered by the military. They were expressing their opinion, which they had come to after a year of seeing Morsi not live up to his promises and using the platform of the presidency to turn Egypt upside down. 

It is true that the military was not exactly a reactive actor in this process, but they were satisfying the will of the Egyptian people. The election last year did not satisfactorily express the will of the Egyptian people, for whatever reasons.

But rather than admit that the Egyptian people overwhelmingly rejected their short-lived and error-filled rule, these MB rascals are denying how unpopular they are and want to tear open the country and create civil war. They are a nuisance to Egypt in power and out of power. 

Mother of Egyptian Police Officer Killed by MB: I'm Happy, Want Sisi to Avenge My Son's Death. Source: MEMRI TV.