July 27, 2013

After Assassinations In Arab Spring Nations, Protesters Express Their Anger At The Muslim Brotherhood


An excerpt from, "Musmari killing sparks protests against Muslim Brotherhood" by Maha Ellawati (Libya Herald, July 27):
The killing of popular Libyan political activist, Abdulsalam Musmari, in Benghazi has sparked country-wide protests against the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hundreds of men and women in Benghazi took to the streets last night in fury at the assassination of Musmari, one in a string of recent killings. Two military officials were also assassinated last night in Benghazi, one shot in the back while he was praying.

Convinced that members of the Muslim Brotherhood are behind the attacks, protestors said they wanted the organisation to leave both Benghazi and Libya. Protestors stormed two of the Muslim Brotherhood’s main premises in the city, one of which was the local headquarters of the Justice and Construction Party (JCP) – the political arm of the Brotherhood. There have been reports that both were set alight.

Many of the protestors were in tears, mourning the loss of a political figure who, they say, consistently made a stand against militias and Islamists. He also frequently appeared on television to encourage the residents of Benghazi to stage protests in response to bombings and assassinations in the area.

“The death of Musmari was a big loss for Benghazi and the whole of Libya,” one resident told the Libya Herald, “he was a good, good man.”

An excerpt from, "Tunisia braces for more turmoil as opposition calls for gov't resignation" (Xinhua, July 26):
One day after the assassination of a prominent opposition figure, Tunisia is bracing for more political turmoil, as opposition parties call for the government's resignation and the dissolution of Constituent Assembly.

Mohamed Brahmi, a strong opponent of Ennahdha in the Constituent Assembly, was gunned down by a radical Islamist activist on Thursday. He received 14 gunshots before dying in his son's arms.

Since Thursday, thousands of people marched in the streets, calling for the resignation of the government led by Ennahdha's Prime Minister, Ali Laarayedh.
Video - Tunisia: funeral of assassinated MP Brahmi draws huge crowds (Euronews, July 27)

Quote from the video: "42 opposition members of Parliament announced their resignations on Friday in response to Brahmi's death."