June 16, 2013

Washington Aims To Provoke A Sunni-Shiite Conflict To Destroy The Muslim World

There is no sectarian war in Syria. The war is about political issues, not religious differences. The Sunni-Shiite rivalry is being played up by Washington and its money-loving slaves in the Gulf states in order to divide the Muslim world and eventually destroy it.

Washington is doing this because it does not want Muslims to unite and challenge its hegemonic policies and Israel's aggressive, expansionist agenda.

The biggest crime is that Washington is funding the massacre of innocent Shiite citizens in Syria to get a Sunni-Shiite war going.

But is the cynical strategy working?

Many of the Sunnis in Syria back Assad and the government because they realize that the foreign-funded opposition espouses a radical form of Islam and do not envision an inclusive and democratic Syria.

The Saudi-backed religious extremists fighting in Syria don't respect women rights, the rights of minorities, democratic participation in society, people of different religions, and anything that they associate with Western values.

They have no religion or coherent philosophy to speak of. They have been deceived and brainwashed to kill without mercy. Their minds are full of slogans like "Bashar the dog," that do not honestly reflect reality. They have no idea why they are killing in Syria and for whose interest they are killing. Their only purpose is to serve as expendable foot soldiers in USrael's aggressive war against Syria.

But the Jihadist terrorist groups don't represent any real danger because they're not popular in Syria and they're not good at fighting. In most battles they take the heavy losses. The only way they can beat the Syrian Army is if America steps in as their saviour and bombs the country to pieces.

The real danger comes from people like Egyptian President Morsi, who has stuck his large nose in Syria's affairs to satisfy his greedy masters in Washington. Morsi is following in the footsteps of Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan, and things aren't looking so good for him right now.

Both Morsi and Erdoğan remain beholden to their evil masters in Washington and Tel Aviv. You'd think they and the Muslim Brotherhood would learn and pay attention to public opinion in their societies. But they only pose as Muslims and revolutionary leaders. They are a Muslim Trojan Horse, and the peoples of Turkey and Egypt are seeing through their political deceptions.

Read this excerpt from, "Morsi's Syria stance influenced by US: Egyptian opposition," that was published in Egypt's Ahram Online:
In a related statement, the April 6 Movement mocked the pro-Syria conference that Morsi attended, saying that the Islamist organisers of the event required Washington's approval.

“The decision to open the doors of Jihad is coming from Washington sponsored by … Salafist Sheikhs,” read the statement, which went on to denounce Sheikh Mohamed Abdel-Maqsoud for calling those who plan to take part in the 30 June rallies "infidels."

For its part, the anti-Morsi 'Rebel' campaign described Morsi's speech as mere "babbling," intended to assert power and divert the public’s attention in anticipation of opposition protests.

"Morsi’s speech reveals that the Syria file has been handed over from Qatar to Saudi Arabia and Egypt and that Morsi is answering America’s instructions," added the statement.
Dina Ezzat writes in an article called, "Egypt's top bureaucracy advised against Morsi move on Syria" (Ahram Online, June 16):
"Egypt, according to concerned quarters in the Egyptian bureaucracy, is now being driven to take part in a “devastating Sunni-Shia war” that could wreck the entire region. The concern is not just about Syria, but about the entire Arab Mashraq, including Lebanon and Iraq particularly."
Morsi's support for Al-Qaeda's fight against Syria will backfire. His credibility has already been shattered. All that he is doing is helping Washington and Israel to divide and destroy Muslims.