June 16, 2013

Video of Northrop Frye Receiving An Honorary Degree In Zagreb, Croatia In 1990

"I come from a country which has been fortunate in having less violence, bloodshed, and tyranny, and betrayal, and uprising, than most of the countries of Europe. Nevertheless, I feel that I have lived through as much history of the 20th century in Canada as should I have done in any other country." - Northrop Frye in a speech upon receiving an honorary doctorate at the University of Zagreb in Croatia in September 1990. Frye "was a Canadian literary critic and literary theorist, considered one of the most influential of the 20th century," (Wikipedia).
Video Title: Northrop H. Frye in Zagreb, Croatia. Source: Dubi Vesna Barac-Nikolic. Date Published: May 25, 2013. Description:
This movie was shot during N.H. Frye's visit to Zagreb, Croatia, in September 1990, when he was awarded a honorary doctorate at the University of Zagreb.

Where the commentators speak in Croatian, the subtitles in English are provided.