June 19, 2013

This Egyptian Man Tells The Truth About The Muslim Brotherhood And The U.S.-Al Qaeda War Against Syria

"Hosni Mubarak had a military upbringing. He was familiar with Egyptian national security and the threats to it. But those (Muslim Brotherhood members) are a bunch of moronic amateurs who will succumb to things that even Mubarak refused to accept. . . We have always known that the Muslim Brotherhood would not grant liberties to anyone. This is a dictatorial organization raised on Fascism and on the rejection of other people's opinions. How can they possibly grant us liberties? They can't give what they don't have. In order for the culture of the Muslim Brotherhood to change, this entire generation and the next must come to an end. We are looking at 30 or 40 years of Fascism and dictatorship." - Egyptian man in the video below.

Video Title: Egyptian Islamic Jihad Leader Nabil Naeem: Muslim Brotherhood a Bunch of Fascist, Moronic Amateurs. Source: MEMRI TV.