June 19, 2013

The League of Extraordinary Terrorists: Obama Defends Al-Qaeda's Lie That Assad Is Using Chemical Weapons

The Syrian "rebels" are not rebels; they are Al-Qaeda.
"Where we once had Bush and Blair and the sexed up dossier on Iraqi WMD, presented to the world by the hapless Colin Powell, we now have Obama and Cameron’s dodgey chemical weapons reports, presented to a somewhat less credulous public by fiction writer and deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes." - An excerpt from the article, "Obama and Cameron’s Syrian chemical weapon scam," by the website HumanRightsInvestigations.org.
In the USraeli worldview, there are two types of terrorists  - ordinary terrorists whose fanaticism does not serve their objectives and aims, and extraordinary terrorists who can be tapped as allies in their aggressive wars in the Muslim world. Al-Qaeda has always been in the league of extraordinary terrorists because their violence against innocents advances USrael's hegemonic and expansionist aims.

President Obama was right to reject calls to attack Syria, which would turn the conflict to a larger regional war. He cited the large role played by Al-Qaeda affiliated groups in the war as a reason to not get heavily involved.

It just doesn't look good from a PR point of view to be fighting alongside guys who threaten to attack the U.S. every other day. If the word 'treason' has any meaning anymore in Washington, it has to be used in this instance.

But, President Obama, the neocon chicken hawks, and anti-humanitarian fascist interventionists are not just arming Al-Qaeda, they are also providing the terrorist group with political and moral cover by repeating their lie that Assad has used chemical weapons.

For several months now, Al-Qaeda and other Jihadist terrorist groups have asserted without evidence that Assad is using sarin gas on Syrian civilians. Everyone rightly saw through their cheap propaganda ploy.

But then something changed.

Last week, President Obama came out and defended Al-Qaeda's lie. By doing this, he has given the terrorist group something more important than a few weapons - political credibility (at least as it applies to their Jihad against Assad). This is a very serious mistake.

It's one thing to attack a country illegally with your own military forces, but to give a transnational terrorist group like Al-Qaeda a political and moral victory by defending and spreading their propaganda? That is inexcusable. At least Bush and Cheney had the balls to attack Iraq, they didn't rely on a ragtag group of brainwashed Jihadist terrorist volunteers to get the job done. 

Obama and the war criminals believe they can defend a new war against Syria on moral grounds, but with allies like Al-Qaeda in this fight, their moral case is exposed as false.