June 17, 2013

How Long Is The World's Memory?

The U.S. government is constantly trying to reshape perceptions about past events, mold the world's memories to its liking, and alter perceptions of the consequences of U.S. wars. With the helpful aid of the "mainstream" media, they've done a pretty good job at creating fake memories about the most important events of this century, especially the 9/11 false flag attacks and the fake assassination of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.

One of the reasons Washington is able to get away with crimes against humanity like funding Jihadist terrorists in Syria, which it has been doing for over two years contrary to official claims that it is only starting to arm them, is because the world's memory is short.

An article called, "The world has a memory of only 100 days," published by the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship Malaysia in 2006, states:
"The world has a memory of only 100 days.

On Aug 31, 1983, the Russians shot down a Korean Airlines commercial flight that had veered off-course into Soviet airspace. All 269 souls on-board perished. The Russians refused to explain what really happened. When asked why, they replied that the world had a memory of only 100 days. Within 100 days, they said, something else would happen and everyone's attention would be turned to the latest issue. And they were right."
A very prominent and patriotic American leader was on board Korean flight KAL 007 that was shot down by the Soviets - Congressman Larry McDonald, friend of Ron Paul and cousin of General Patton. The evil conspirators behind the new world order in the United States have no problem about shooting down an airliner to assassinate one man who opposed them.

The official story about this incident still has not come to light after three decades. The world still doesn't know the full details. Both the Congress and the Reagan administration swept it under the rug. The victims were forgotten.

And that is only one example. There are numerous others.

People have already forgotten that Washington's war against Libya did not produce a blossoming democracy, but disorder, massacres, and endless bloodshed. The same is true for Iraq, and Afghanistan. But, all of those examples have been laid aside by the "mainstream" media as Obama tries to sell the merits of another war, this time in Syria.

Obama has a scriptwriter named Ben Rhodes who is a former fiction writer. Daniel McAdams writes in, "Who is Ben Rhodes?":
Rhodes carried the day on Libya and he was completely incorrect in his assessment, his analysis, his prediction, and his prescription. Anyone who bothers to look at Libya today, which is run by gangs of roving extremist death squads would see what a fool Ben Rhodes is for his promise of "democratic change" in Libya -- and how much more foolish is the president for following the advice of such a person.

Rhodes is named as the source of the White House-altered CIA talking points on Benghazi, where references to the Islamist extremist role in the attack on US Ambassador Chris Stevens were erased. It is understandable why the fiction writer Rhodes would want to toss that reference in the circular file: that particular sub-plot did not fit in with the main theme he had already painstakingly written, namely that the US attack on Libya would end the killing, stabilize the country, and bring about a democratic revolution that would continue to spread through the region. Fiction writers understand that a sub-plot could take your readers too far off the main narrative of the story and cause serious structural problems. That is why there are so many rounds of re-writes. The killing of Stevens and the rise of murderous -- and racist -- extremists did not fit the plot, so it had to be deleted.
A government that employs fiction writers to write presidential speeches and official policy has given up on maintaining the facade that it cares about the truth. Washington officials have embraced falsehood and fiction as saving graces. And they rely on the fact that the world won't remember the crimes against humanity that they've committed. They can only get away with this if the majority of humanity stays stupid and blind and does not get its act together in time.