June 17, 2013

Gordon Duff - Morsi Meltdown

Below is an excerpt from Gordon Duff's article called, "Obama, Morsi, Plunge Middle East Into Chaos":

Morsi, this week, called for a holy war on Islam’s Shia sect, which makes up nearly 40% of the Muslim population of the Middle East.  Morsi referred to Shia Muslims as “unclean” and called for the extermination of what would constitute the majority of the population of Iraq, Iran, large portions of Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Yemen, Nigeria, Ghana, Lebanon, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and a dozen other nations.

Morsi called for Egyptian “fighters” to begin a war on Syria, Iraq and Iran, a war that coincides with the expansionist goals of “Greater Israel” and the rogue elements of the CIA that put Morsi in power in order to quell Egypt’s move toward liberation after the fall of the pro-Israeli Mubarak regime.

Last week, Morsi was also heard to call for military action against Ethiopia over a hydroelectric project he says is intended to divert the Nile River and turn Egypt into a barren wasteland.

Analysts cite Morsi’s recent behavior as both “bizarre and unstable,” indicating desperation at his inability to cope with domestic problems that seem to be moving inexorably toward a renewal of widespread domestic confrontation against the Cairo government.

Morsi has yet to address his failure to follow up on his promises to support Gaza after Israeli attacks in November 2012.  Both Morsi and Turkey’s Erdogan have, in actuality, moved closer to Israel and given that nation a free hand in continuing its use of cluster bombs and chemical munitions on Gaza’s civilian population.