January 5, 2013

Glenn Beck Speaks Logic About Sandy Hook (Kind of)

Most of what Glenn Beck says is nonsense. But not in this case. Go to the 1:30 minute mark in the video below. Glenn Beck says: "What happened is a shooting and killing of children. How? A guy using a gun. Why? The gun. What? Your How and Why are the same? No they're not." Beck is right. This is basic detective work.

Beck adds near the end, "The culture we have created is bringing up a generation of zombie killers who are practically dead inside."

His last point is kind of deep and philosophical, but it would make more sense if Adam Lanza was the actual shooter. But he wasn't. The evidence proves that unsettling conclusion. 

Here's the real how of Sandy Hook: alchemy. The link between The Dark Knight Rises and the Sandy Hook shooting is unbreakable. It is in your face. What we saw on display was not the truth. It was state theatre mixed in with a hugely popular Hollywood movie. And the real why? Gun confiscation.