January 5, 2013

Washington Worships The God of War

With or without Hagel at the helm in the Pentagon, Washington is going to war with Iran. USrael is going to attack. Bet on it. The Great Satan will not disappoint his disciples.

Imposing sanctions is an act of war, as Dr. Paul said, so America is already waging war on Iran. Israel has murdered Iranian scientists. You think these guys want peace? They want blood. 

The leaders of the Islamic regime in Iran also want war with the West. The war between Israel and Islam was on when the CIA secretly installed Khomeini in Iran in 1979.

America, Israel, and Iran are pawns in this game. None of these nations are free. All three of them are under the control of fascist totalitarian terrorist states. They've all been hijacked and enslaved. Iran was hijacked by religion. America was hijacked by money. Iran and America have both been terrorized and deceived.

Who the hell wants to fight and die for these totalitarian fascist regimes? Mind controlled mass slaves, that's who. Real warriors fight for kings, not politicians, bankers, and priests. Kings actually lead the army and fight in battle, risking their fortune and family.

What we have in the modern world is a decline from just kings to cowardly politicians. Look at Congress and you can see what the collapse of civilization looks like. Those criminals are itching for a showdown with Iran. 

An excerpt from, "Endless War Is a Feature – Not a Bug – of U.S. Policy," by Washington's Blog:
Indeed,  the American government has directly been supporting Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups for the last decade.  See this, this, this, this and this.

(Remember, if there aren’t scary enough enemies in real life, we’ve got to create them.  Oops … did I say that out loud?)

And the American government lies – and even kills its own – to justify new wars.

Top American economists say that endless war has ruined our economy.  It benefits a handful of elites, while levying a tax on the vast majority of Americans.

Congress members – part of the super-elite which has made money hand over fist during this economic downturn – are heavily invested in the war industry, and routinely trade on inside information … perhaps even including planned military actions.

No wonder the American government is making the state of war permanent, and planning to unleash new, widespread  wars in the near future.