October 9, 2012

Washington's "Rebels" In Syria Honour "Martyr Saddam Hussein"

 The Free Syrian Army, aka the Foreign Terrorist Mercenaries, view Saddam Hussein as a man of freedom and call him a "Martyr."

In 2003, Washington invaded Iraq and overthrew Saddam Hussein, its former puppet. Almost a decade later, Washington is arming and financing terrorists in Syria who hold up Saddam Hussein as an Arab icon of freedom and justice. They named two battalions in their "army" after Saddam Hussein. The official name they gave is "Martyr Saddam Hussein." LOL. You can't make this shit up.

The foreign policy decision makers who control Washington and other Western capitals are screwed in the head. They are basically retarded. They're selling so many narratives at once that they can't keep their stories straight. How can Washington be for freedom and democracy in Syria when the political opposition they are supporting remember Saddam Hussein as a man of freedom and honour him by naming their battalions after him?

Washington: Get your story straight, you clowns. Stop supporting terrorism and tyranny in the Middle East.