October 9, 2012

Huffington Post Is Shamelessly Protecting The Fed's Behind

The Huffington Post is not a credible journalistic outlet. It is a shameless propaganda operation. It covers up the truth about the 9/11 false flag, and the truth that the Federal Reserve Cartel is a privately owned central bank which has destroyed America's currency and economy.

The founding fathers of America would not tolerate the existence of a private central bank, not even for a day. They fought a revolution to liberate America from the tyranny of a private central bank.

Instead of exposing the Fed's crimes against America and its blatant record of theft and fraud, the Huffington Post is protecting its image. It recently published a dishonest piece called, "11 Lies About The Federal Reserve."

In response, historian and economist Tom Woods co-authored an article with Bob Murphy called, "HuffPo’s 11 Myths About the Fed, Refuted." An excerpt:
The other day the Huffington Post ran an article by a Bonnie Kavoussi called “11 Lies About the Federal Reserve.” And you’ll never guess: these aren’t lies or myths spread in the financial press by Fed apologists. These are “lies” being told by you and me, opponents of the Fed. Bonnie Kavoussi calls us “Fed-haters.” So she, a Fed-lover, is at pains to correct these alleged misconceptions. She must stop us stupid ingrates from poisoning our countrymen’s minds against this benevolent array of experts innocently pursuing economic stability.