August 31, 2012

Nobody Assassinated Bin Laden

 Picture perfect stories are just that: stories. The story about the Bin Laden raid is a classic ghost story. 

Newsflash: Bin Laden Was Not In The Bin Laden Raid.
Bullshit Is The Middle Name of Both Obama And Osama.

I know what you're thinking. "You're beating a dead horse, man. We already know Bin Laden was not at the compound in Pakistan. We know the official version is a total fiction. We know he really died shortly after the 9/11 events because of kidney problems. There's no need to repeat it."

I agree. I don't want to repeat the truth about Bin Laden's death. It's boring. It's old news. But if repetition works for the likes of Bush, Blair, and Obama, then it will also work for 9/11 truth-tellers and Bin Laden truth-tellers.

To us in the "conspiracy theory" world, repeating old news is pointless. But we must remember that many people are still asleep and actually believe that Bin Laden did 9/11. They are more likely to learn the truth when it is repeated to them.

We have to keep in mind that even educated, enlightened, and intellectually fearless people like Glenn Greenwald and Richard Silverstein still believe the fallacy of 9/11. They also unquestioningly believe the story of Bin Laden's death that the Obama administration came up with to enhance Obama's foreign policy record.

In a new article called, "Navy SEALs Assassinated Bin Laden," Silverstein writes:
"In the aftermath of the assassination of Osama bin Laden, amid the contradictory reports from the Obama administration about the event, I came to believe that the Islamist was likely assassinated deliberately. The stories about resistance put up by Bin Laden made little sense since they were immediately withdrawn and replaced by an equally implausible scenario."
Greenwald has also written about the new Bin Laden book by the Navy SEALs officer. Here is an excerpt from his article, "The Bin Laden raid exposes the Obama administration's selective secrecy":
"Earlier this year, the Obama administration responded to a lawsuit seeking videos and photographs of the Osama bin Laden raid by claiming (as usual) that it was all too secret to disclose. A federal court (as usual) acquiesced to those assertions and dismissed the suit, finding that "the release of the images and/or videos 'reasonably could be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security.'" The administration made the same secrecy and national security claims to deny the requests of multiple news agencies for related materials about the Bin Laden raid.

Those materials would have resolved still lingering and serious questions about that raid – questions created by the administration's numerous inconsistencies and false claims, including whether it was a "kill-not-capture" mission from the start and whether Bin Laden resisted capture in any way. Despite the decree of the always-imperious Democratic Senator John Kerry that everyone wanting answers should just "shut up and move on", actual journalists continue to ask the right questions."
I have tremendous respect for Glenn Greenwald and Richard Silverstein. I read them everyday. They are fiercely independent writers who have intellectual integrity and moral conviction. For them, telling the truth is more important than blind loyalty to morally and intellectually bankrupt parties and ideologies. 

But that is why their articles about the Bin Laden raid are so troubling. Why have they accepted the basic premises of the both the 9/11 story and the Bin Laden raid story? Since they are interested in ending the war on terror, extrajudicial assassinations, and drone strikes, should they not question the basic premises of the events that uphold these crimes and justify them in the American public's mind?

It is important to remember that 9/11 legitimized the criminal and evil war on terror, and turned Bush into a Commander-in-Chief. Obama's team emulated Bush's team. The lie about the Bin Laden raid turned Obama into a Commander-in-Chief and legitimized Obama's illegal shadow war against Pakistan.

Bush and Obama are political animals of the worst kind. Giving these proven liars any respect and credibility is a grave mistake.

II. The Left's Anti-War Dissent Is Meaningless

It is a big problem when the West's guiding intellectual lights and dissenters are toeing the official line on the two biggest events of the century: 9/11 and the death of Bin Laden.

Popular delusions about the two epochal events in the US-led global war on terror persist even in the high-minded intellectual community that calls itself the "Left." Remember, these are people who read books, unlike the Muslim-fearing Christian conservatives. 

So the people on the "Left" are at least working with a brain. They can read. This is good. We have an opening, as they say. They may be open to new ideas and new ways of seeing the world. This is important information, because it tells us that they are not totally brain-dead stupid.

But stupidity comes in many intellectual forms and ideological stripes. Religion is not the only thing that makes people stupid and servile. 

III. Being Driven Like Cattle To The Slaughter

Why do educated and sophisticated people who are associated with the "Left" still maintain the belief that 9/11 was done by Al-Qaeda and that Osama Bin Laden was assassinated by Barack Obama? Are they stupid? Are they blind? Are they not aware that governments lie? Do they believe that the U.S. government and the Israeli government are incapable of doing what Hitler and Goebbels did in Nazi Germany because of moral reasons? Are they that brainwashed and naive?

Why take the words of Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama at face value? Hasn't Obama lied about everything, from campaign promises to his birth certificate?

It is crazy and scary that a lot of well-meaning people actually feel proud about voting a second time for a deceiver and a destroyer. They point to his fake assassination of a known CIA terrorist leader as evidence of his brilliance as a President. This is the type of stupidity and gullibility that destroys nations and leads to epic catastrophes.

In the 20th century, Germany, Russia, and China experienced national catastrophes because of the criminality of their leaders and the stupidity of their people. In this century, Israel, Iran, and America have fallen victim to the twin evils of criminality and stupidity.

Criminal and cunning leaders like Bush, Netanyahu, and Obama love stupid people because they can make as many absurd statements as they like and still be taken seriously. Obama can say he killed Bin Laden without providing any evidence to support his claim and still be believed. You can't buy this kind of power.

But the power of the President to twist reality is not invincible. His power to invent history is god-like, but the President is not God.

The car of lies that President Obama is driving America and the world in is not truth-proof. Truth can still enter through the propaganda-tinted windows, the totalitarian roof, and the oppressive sound system.

The message of peace behind 9/11 Truth and Bin Laden Truth must get through. But even if the truth doesn't get through in time, eventually Obama the crash dummy or whatever political mannequin is at the symbolic wheel in the White House will slam the car of lies that currently passes for reality into the wall of catastrophe.

When that final crash against the wall of objective reality occurs, two startling facts that have at present been accepted only by the fringe conspiracy theorists will become mainstream knowledge: 1) Nobody assassinated Osama Bin Laden, and 2) The CIA and Mossad, not Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, were responsible for 9/11.