August 31, 2012

In A Desperate Bid To Secure The Jewish Vote, Romney Throws America Under The Bus

Only madmen attack Iran.

I don't support Barack Obama because he is a liar and a war criminal. But to say that he has thrown Israel under the bus, as Romney said in his acceptance speech at the RNC, is a big and transparent lie. Obama has done more for Israel than any U.S. president in history.

President Obama has let the crazed Israeli leadership drive the agenda on so many issues, from endorsing Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory to putting diplomatic and economic pressure on Iran. If Israel asks for more from America, if it asks for a shooting war against Iran, then Israel is greedy and deserves to be ruined.

As American military leaders know, Israel cannot be trusted.

What is Israel trying to do? Pit Iran against America in a catastrophic war, while it cleans up its backyard and wipes the Palestinians off the face of the Earth? This is a stupid idea. Iranians and Americans do not hate each other. They don't want war. Both countries are not getting along with each other at the moment, but they are not suicidal.

If Israel brings a war upon Iran, Iran will defend itself. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth. And if America makes the mistake of attacking Iran with Israel, then Iran will fight ten times harder. The rotten, oligarch-controlled American Empire will be driven out of the Middle East for good, and everyone in the Middle East will cheer on that day.

The leaders of America and Israel will find out the hard way that Iran is not Libya or Iraq. Iran will not be the only one doing the dying. Iran will fight back. Iran is immortal. Arrogant Israeli leaders and fake American leaders have not read enough history to know that.