August 18, 2011

Documentary About Anna Politkovskaya's Life and Death Called "211: Anna"

Anna Politkovskaya was a brave, honourable and talented Russian journalist who exposed the truth behind Russia's war on Chechnya. She was assassinated on October 7, 2006, at the age of 48, by the Putin regime and the Russian security services for having the courage to expose their brutality and inhumanity.

The 2009 documentary "211: Anna" tells her fight against corruption and evil in Moscow.

Since the end of the Soviet Union over 200 journalists have been killed by the new authoritarian regime in Russia. Anna was number 211.

Russian journalists are more courageous and intelligent than Western journalists because during that same period, from 1991 to 2011, a considerably fewer journalists have been killed by Western secret state agencies, even though the political systems in the West and Russia are pretty much the same.

Russian journalists are willing to risk their lives and stare death in the face. Most Western journalists are cowards who are too afraid to talk about 9/11 truth, and other disturbing realities.

Of course, there are exceptions. Gary Webb, who broke the CIA drug running story in the San Jose Mercury News in the mid 1990s, is one of the brave ones. Webb was killed by the CIA on December 10, 2004, at the age of 49.

Alex Jones is another exception. So are Paul Craig Roberts, Chris Floyd, Arthur Silber, Seymour Hersh, Amy Goodman, and a few other brave individuals. Also, the entire team of Infowars and Prison Planet, as well as other alternative media websites like The Intel Hub, The Daily Bell, Activist Post, etc. But there are not many.

The mainstream media in Canada, America, England, and other Western countries is anti-human, anti-freedom, anti-truth trash.

If you want to see a true, brave journalist go up against a ruthless and evil regime, watch this documentary. It is a must-watch.