July 10, 2011

British Police Intelligence Analyst Tony Farrell: 9/11 And 7/7 Are Acts of Internal Tyranny

Tony Farrell served as a high-level intelligent analyst for South Yorkshire Police in Britain from 1998 to July 2010. In the days preceding the fifth anniversary of the 7/7 bombings Farrell discovered that the 9/11 attacks and the 7/7 attacks were acts of state terrorism by the secret intelligence agencies of the United States, Israel, and England, not acts of Islamic terrorism by non-state terrorist organizations.

In an interview with Richard Hall of richplanet.net on July 8, 2011, Farrell said that in the summer of 2010 he came across damning information on alternative news sources on the internet like the Alex Jones show and alternative documentaries that revealed the government narrative of 9/11 to be a big lie.

Farrell told Hall that after that shocking discovery he did not want to play a part in the UK police system which is acting on the false basis that the terror threat to Britain is coming from Islamic terror groups outside the country, and from radical Islamists inside the country.

Farrell was expected to write an intelligence report by July 8, 2010, outlining the different types of terrorism threats to Britain's national security. But he was not able to carry out his mission because he found out that the government was carrying out terror attacks and falsely blaming Islamic groups for strategic and political gain. Farrell explained to Hall: "I felt sick as I was going through my work because all of a sudden I had that paradigm shift, whereby I could not in my conscience go along with this. But my managers didn't seem at all concerned, they just wanted that product delivered for the intelligence strategy board and business could carry on as normal. They didn't want me to alert them to this issue."

Farrell added: "I knew conscience-wise, with the faith I have, I could NOT, in all honesty, go in and hand over my assignment, because to my mind that would have made me complicit in the monstrous tyranny that had occurred on 9/11 and 7/7, because I would have been supporting the lie knowingly, given what I was now convinced was a monstrous lie, and conscience would not allow me to do that."

Tony Farrell is a man of conscience who believes that to stay silent in the face of the truth is to commit a great sin against God and against humanity. He is brave for speaking up and informing his colleagues of the great betrayal committed by the British government against the British people on July 7, 2005.

Hopefully, there are many more Farrells in the police system in the UK, America, Canada, Australia, and other Western nations. We need men of conscience and men of great moral character to speak up and to act. The traitors and the real terrorists will be punished for 9/11, 7/7, and other similar attacks. God's fury will be unleashed on the scum who are behind these unthinkable atrocities.

To get a more in-depth analysis of Farrell's interview with Hall, read Nick Kollerstrom's article "UK Police Intel Expert: Government, Not Islam, Real Terror Threat."

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