July 12, 2011

9/11 And The Rise of The World Wolf State

It is an amazing fact of history that what passes for history in the West is factually untrue. The people get public mythologies and government lies instead of the facts, so what they know is not real. Currently, the State is the principal actor and recorder of history. And what it records is not the truth, but what is politically convenient for the corrupt oligarchs and various special interests who have captured the State's myth-making powers.

If we don't know the real history of financial crises, terrorist attacks, and wars then we can't claim to live in free societies. Today, the power to create and write history is in the dominion of the State. And the history it is writing is based on lies, deception, and propaganda.

Since the end of World War II a slow and gradual political revolution has occurred in America, England, France, Canada, Australia, and other Western nations against the liberal democratic state. In its place has risen what William Ralph Inge called the "Wolf State" in his 1948 book, "The End of an Age." Inge, a professor of divinity at Cambridge and Dean of St Paul's Cathedral, said the philosophy of the Wolf State was the bedrock of Nazi Germany, but it "did not begin with Hitler and will unfortunately survive him."

The Wolf State outlasted the madness of Hitler and Nazism to be worshipped anew by another set of madmen elsewhere in the world. In post-WWII America, new devils arose under the cover of the CIA and the National Security State as part of an American Wolf State. They exploited the American people's fear and ignorance in the Cold War climate for the political and financial gain of a powerful few.

America's wolves were hungry and lethal. They worked up a big appetite in the 1950s after taking down a number of democratically elected governments, but that was not enough. The Big Get was America. With the private banksters calling the shots behind them, America's traitorous and blood-thirsty wolves gained the confidence to go forth and attack the foundations of America's constitutional republic. On November 22, 1963 they used the Wolf State's vast resources to assassinate President John F. Kennedy and turn the page on the short-lived American experiment in self-government.

Kennedy had went to war against America's secret Wolf State in the months preceding his tragic death. He wounded the ambitious and cunning wolf pack by firing CIA director Allen Dulles and refusing to commit American blood and treasure to a hopeless war in Vietnam. James W. Douglass has all the details in his 2008 book "JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died And Why It Matters."

Inge was not a prophetic genius, he was just able to see the writing on the wall by the end of World War II that political systems in the West were in a deep state of crisis. Although Nazism was defeated, the philosophy that gave birth to Nazism did not disappear from history.

In the chapter, 'The Philosophy of the Wolf State,' Inge said that the institutions of a free society and a government at war with an external enemy are naturally at odds with each other, writing:
The question may be raised whether the repudiation of parliamentary government and of all the ideas which collectively constituted what Fisher calls the Liberal experiment is necessarily connected with aggressive imperialism and blatant immoralism. The answer seems to be that the theory of the State which we have to examine demands that a nation shall be permanently on a war footing, and that this type of State is almost incompatible with liberty and decent behaviour. We are discovering with regret that in order to combat Fascism we are obliged to a large extent to fascise ourselves. Power politics and liberty can hardly exist together. (1).
In the beginning of the 21st century the eyes of the Western Wolf State turned inward. There was a hint of this dark reality during the Cold War period when secret intelligence agencies and covert military groups carried out terrorist attacks in European cities as part of Operation Gladio which were falsely blamed on leftist groups. But those activities were mild compared to the treason and state terror that occurred on September 11, 2001 and July 7, 2005.

The Wolf State had grown up and come alive on September 11. New imperialist wars were planned, and a whole new world government structure was being put in place behind the scenes. 9/11 was the cataclysmic event that made the people go along with new wars, state surveillance, and the militarization of society.

II. The World Wolf State

It is worth repeating again and again that America underwent a radical political revolution in the 20th century that was orchestrated from the very top, and which was instigated by foreign financial interests. These were the same interests that were regarded as America's greatest enemies by its founders and numerous American presidents.

This revolution came into being in the dark and as a result of moral corruption and political treachery at the highest levels of society and government in America. Its greatest victory was the secret establishment of the private Federal Reserve Bank in 1913. The Fed has been used by the corrupt ruling elite to financially sack America, and milk the citizenry for all its worth.

Ever since America got suckered into the trap set by the financial wolves in 1913 the world has not been the same. America was supposed to be a free Republic and a great example for other aspiring nations. But it was turned into an evil empire and a country of unspeakable evil, capable of sacrificing its own people for the god of war, as it did on September 11, 2001.

After 9/11 we heard talk about a new world order from top officials in America and other Western nations, including the current American President. But the world that America's traitorous political puppets like Obama and Bush are creating is anything but new, and it isn't being built on foundations that a true international order ought to have. They are building the same old tower of Babel, the dream of all tyrants.

The revolution towards a new order and against America's constitution and free institutions has been so successful that today top political leaders and media institutions in America openly denounce the U.S. constitution and attack basic American principles like freedom of speech.

Bruce Fein, a lawyer trained in Constitutional law and author of "American Empire Before the Fall," wrote in May in a piece called "The Patriot Act Is at War with the Constitution":
The Patriot Act was misnamed. Thomas Paine lectured: “It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government.” Accordingly, the true patriots of the Constitution and the Republic are the “band of brothers” who stood or are standing in opposition. They understand that the secret of happiness is freedom. And the secret of freedom is the courage to accept risk as inherent to an enlightened and civilized existence.
The Traitor Act of 2001 brought back to legislative life the principles and beliefs that should have died with Fascism and Communism. Millions of men went to war in World War II on the knowledge that they were going to destroy Fascism once and for all. But they were betrayed. The forces of fascism regrouped, and hijacked the West's secret intelligence agencies.

America and the West is now dying from the same disease that inflicted Germany in the 1930s and other countries in history: Blind State Worship. In the minds of the 9/11 truth deniers the State can do no wrong. They say, "But the government wouldn't do anything horrific like that. You're just a crazy conspiracy theorist. Go away, go to a mental hospital."

The people who defend the government story of 9/11 are children. The dream weavers of terror and the 9/11 attacks are the Machiavellian neocons, barbaric Zionists, and greedy scum who control the Shadow National Security State in the United States. They are guilty of murder, theft, deceit, betrayal, and high treason.

Dean Inge warned the people of the West against the blind worship of any totalitarian State that abandons morality and honesty:
When the ethics of violence become the publicly acknowledged philosophy of the whole society, it is inevitable that other groups, which have as good a right to recognition as the State, will adapt the theory to their own ends. If moral considerations do not apply to group action, any rebellion may justify itself. The disintegrating effects of the dissolution of ethical principles and traditions were proved in ancient Greece and mediaeval Italy. They will certainly be proved again. (2).
Speaking the truth is our only defence against totalitarian state terrorism and world tyranny. This is not the time to be afraid, to look away, and to keep silent. Freedom is under attack from within our own governments. There is no future if we don't speak up and demand heads to roll.

1. Inge, William Ralph. 1948. The End Of An Age And Other Essays. London: Putnam & Co. Ltd. Pg. 186.
2. Ibid. Pg. 197.