March 26, 2011

Philip D. Zelikow: The Big Head Behind The Big Lie About 9/11

Part I - Philip D. Zelikow: The Myth Maker Behind 9/11 And The War on Terror

If the mainstream press in America and the West wasn't treasonous, stupid, corrupt, cowardly, and immature, we would be hearing about Philip D. Zelikow, not Charlie Sheen or Gaddafi or Michael Jackson or whomever is talking and acting crazy on any given day. Zelikow is a more important person, and also more crazy, than celebrities. But most people have never heard of his name, and that's not by accident. He was appointed as Executive Director of the 9/11 commission by the Bush administration after Henry Kissinger resigned because of public pressure, especially from 9/11 family members.

In his role, Zelikow made sure that the official conspiracy theory about how and why the 9/11 attacks happened would not be criticized or questioned by members of the Commission and the public, and remain the official history of 9/11. Philip Shenon, investigative reporter and author of the book "The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation," said that "The appointment of Zelikow to head the inquiry into America’s response to the September 11 terrorist attacks was akin to putting the fox in charge of the hen house," (This quote appears on several websites on the net; I came across it in a comment made by Robert Rice on this blog post on

Philip D. Zelikow is a fascinating character. He is the Joseph Goebbels of our age, the propaganda minister for America's corrupt and treasonous shadow government. I have nothing against him personally. Don't get me wrong, I think he should be hanged and buried because he is a traitor and war criminal, but he's not the biggest criminal in Washington by any stretch of the imagination. Zelikow is just an ambitious individual who is serving a corrupt and irremediable system, much like Condoleezza Rice, Karl Rove, and Lee Atwater before him (Chairman of the RNC, Campaign Manager for George H.W. Bush's election campaign). These people are obviously smart, and brilliant, but they're also shameless and soulless. They don't have a conscience or feel moral empathy for others. And you can say that about a lot of human beings but what makes individuals like Zelikow and Rove different is that they have their fingertips on the pulse of the world, and they want to serve power and tyranny. They weren't born into the royalty of power, but they entered the court because of their political skills, talent, imagination, and knowledge of the human psyche, history, and politics. They don't owe their success to political lineage and privilege, but sheer will and the ability to lie about anything at any given moment.

It's hard not to be fascinated by Zelikow who can lie so easily, especially about murder, and state crimes. Watch this interview Zelikow did with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now about Philip Shenon's book on the 9/11 Commission. The guy is self-righteous, arrogant, defensive about his reputation and background, and gets his points across, regardless of the questions being asked. You can tell how much he hates answering probing questions about his work on the Commission and his connections with Karl Rove. And he smiles nervously a lot during the interview, probably masking the hatred and annoyance that he is feeling inside. A lot of people who lie for a living like George Bush and Barack Obama also smile way too much. Politicians and government officials who lie want to present a nice face to the public. They force their face to smile because they recognize the fact that smiling disarms people and makes them believe liars more.

Smile while you lie is the motto for the U.S/Western political establishment. Real and natural human beings only smile spontaneously. Liars like Zelikow, Rove, Bush, and Obama like to put on airs because they believe they're superior than the rest of humanity. They can lie at will to the public about big events like 9/11 because they don't care what the people think. The People might as well not be there, they might as well be dead. These leaders live in their own universe, and the common people are not a part of it, so they could care less about the well-being and freedom of the American people, the Iraqi people, or the Afghan people.

Zelikow's understanding of historical change and turning points in civilization doesn't include the role of The People. Watch this lecture that he gave at the American Historical Association in Washington in January, 2008 about turning points in history. People can call him crazy, but the fact is that most of what he says is true. The mass of humanity buys lies at will just as the tyrants of humanity sell lies at will. The success of the big lie about 9/11 was expected by the government conspirators who committed the attacks and covered it up. They knew their history, and they knew that the common people are dumb and fearful fools.

But are the common people dumb and cowards all the time? No. At certain points in history, people stop being sheep, and hang their rulers. We are reaching such a point. My advice for Zelikow, Bush, Obama and the other liars and traitors is run for the hills now because The People are awake and angry. The Age of Treason is over. The Era of Big Lies is done. Humanity is entering a new age. And war criminals are not welcome.