March 27, 2011

Katastrophic Treason: The Truth About 9/11 And The Plot To Destroy America

Definition of Catastrophe (
  1. the culminating event of a drama, esp. of a tragedy, by which the plot is resolved; denouement
  2. a disastrous end, bringing overthrow or ruin
  3. any great and sudden calamity, disaster, or misfortune
  4. a total or ignominious failure
  5. Geol. a sudden, violent change, such as an earthquake
From Greek katastrophē, an overthrowing, katastrephein, to overturn.
When historians mark the day when America's constitutional republic was hijacked from within and manipulated to violate the American people's best interests they won't point to September 11, 2001. The American republic was overthrown long before Bush Jr. stole the White House in 2000. The government-orchestrated 9/11 attacks merely marked a new stage that is part of a longer bipartisan plot to overthrow America's system of government and bring it under a new world order with a whole new system of checks and balances in which the people and U.S. constitution play no part whatsoever.

Despite all kinds of evidence, people are quick to deny that high treason is happening in America. A lot of people, including educated professionals, never leave la la land, and continue believing government myths and the hijacked government's official history of events like the JFK assassination, the MLK assassination, and 9/11.

In any country and in any era it is important how we view history because our perception of the past is critical to understanding the motives and aims of our leaders and institutions, and what historical direction their policies are taking us.

Overthrowing a nation requires first and foremost the rewriting of its history, and the traitors and tyrants who stole America from the American people know this truth very well. They made sure to cover up big events and acts of national sabotage like the murder of John F. Kennedy in 1963, the false flag Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964, the sinking of the USS Liberty in 1967, and the false flag 9/11 attacks in 2001. The mainstream media and all the agencies of the U.S. federal government are all complicit in these acts of treason and war crimes.

The miseducation of America has been a long process. But America's situation is not unique. History has ample examples of how tyrants, once they get into power either by force or fraud, immediately rewrite history so as to favor them. They also take great measures to keep the people dumb, fearful, and ignorant. Despotism and ignorance go together. In a country with a history of free speech and liberty like America even greater measures are required to keep the people in a state of ignorance. Washington's tyrants depend on secrecy, mass propaganda, and fear of foreign threats for their survival as the nation's gatekeepers. As George Bailey writes, "In the National Security State secrecy is the foundation of the security."

In the last couple of decades the tyrants in Washington have dedicated themselves to accomplishing greater goals by joining hands with tyrants of other lands to set up a global dictatorial government ruled by private banks and multinational corporations.

Transferring political power from democratic nation states to an authoritarian global government is a difficult and transformative political, global, and historical change, and could never have been attempted without the knowledge and support of the highest leaders in the U.S. government. Future historians will make sure to mark this fact. They won't be surprised to find that the elitist plotters who want to bring this change about worked in the highest levels of the U.S. political, academic, and media establishment, including the last four Presidents: George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.

What historians will find surprising instead is that so many people, including intellectuals and thoughtful people, were in a state of denial for so long in the face of irrefutable proof that their government was taken over in the most serious manner by traitors and political outlaws who held no regard for public opinion or human life. They may also be surprised that in the land of the free rose the biggest tyrants in all of human history.

Future historians will have to recover history which has been manipulated and rewritten by the political and finaical giants of today. These new historians will not shy away from the truth that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by members of his own government, and build on the work done by numerous scholars and researchers in the field such as Professor Peter Dale Scott, author and peace activist James W. Douglass, and many other trailblazers. They'll also connect JFK's murder with the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy by the same corrupt forces in the U.S. establishment, and look to attorney William Pepper who has done groundbreaking research in this area.

A new generation of historians will notice that history itself was hijacked by the secret American state, and that public myths were created by government experts like Philip D. Zelikow for political purposes and hidden political agendas. These historians will work hard to reclaim history, and rescue truths that have been buried under the rubble of official government history.

The culture will have to undergo a process of reimagining history, and this is where documentarians and screenwriters in Hollywood can provide the greatest assistance to humankind. Film directors like Oliver Stone are already laboring to recover America's real history and preserve the essential truths of our time. Millions of people have already begun the process of reimagining history by no longer believing the official story of 9/11 and JFK, and questioning the reasons for the creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913 which illegally transferred the American people's right to create money to a group of global private banks that were not loyal to the nation. Future historians won't gloss over this fact and minimize it as just a little anecdote in American history. They'll remind readers that one of the biggest reasons why the American founding fathers raised the sword against the British empire was because they hated the Bank of England which abused and exploited the colonists.

A new catchy catchphrase or term will have to be used to describe the present age. Author James W. Douglass has already provided a very good one: The Age of the Unspeakable. He uses the word unspeakable to refer to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The majority of the American people still cannot imagine that such a criminal and heinous act was committed by people within their own government, because that would clearly indicate that their government doesn't work for them. Such knowledge is way too scary for a lot of people; they would rather stay blind and powerless than relearn recent American history.

Accepting the truth about the death of JFK and 9/11 means acknowledging the fact that traitors run the United States government. People naturally don't want to admit that this is the case because they would be forced to retake their government from their poisonous and immoral leaders by means other than an election. Everybody knows that traitors and tyrants are not taken out by voting, but in a more drastic and dramatic fashion. Tyrants and traitors deserve a spectacular ending to their reign of terror and deceit, and voting the bastards out just doesn't cut it.

Maybe the biggest reason why people deny the truth about 9/11 and JFK is that the truth is so catastrophic. It is stomach-turning truth. The word "katastrophē" in Greek means "an overthrowing" i.e. a catastrophic event that overthrows the old order. Acts of treason like the murder of JFK and 9/11 are acts of catastrophe. Treason breeds terror inside an individual. People become disillusioned when they find out they have been betrayed on such a grand scale. It is sickening, and psychologically painful to admit that high-level traitors control the U.S. government who think nothing about killing innocent Americans, and assassinating courageous American leaders like JFK, MLK and RFK who spoke for the common good of America.

Since treason is such a large part of the current and recent history of America, I think the term "Katastrophic Treason" defines the present age pretty good. Why Katastrophic Treason? Because America's old political order was overturned completely by anti-democratic traitors and tyrants. The death of JFK was part of a greater historical overturning of the U.S. constitution that began much earlier in the century, and it's important to realize that his death marked a big change in American and world history. Mr. Douglass lays out the reasons why in his incredible book on JFK. Buy his book and read it patiently, if you have not already done so.

9/11 is another significant event that marked a big change in the evolution of America and the world. Such a gigantic fraud revealed to a whole new generation that America's current government is built on treason, lies, and mass murder. What is needed now is a historic and global revolution fueled by righteous anger and peaceful non-compliance. The chances for success are greater than we realize at the moment. Tyrants by nature are weak and vulnerable to public opinion.

Although it is difficult to win back freedom, restore popular consent, punish the traitors and criminals, and return the governments in America and other Western countries back to the people, it is not impossible. Destroying popular government myths and recovering history is a good start. "History," wrote Cicero, "is the witness of the times, the torch of truth, the life of memory, the teacher of life, the messenger of antiquity."