October 20, 2016

Trump On The Fake War Against ISIS In Mosul

Trump told the truth about the politicized timing of the battle for Mosul.

Only an idiot thinks politics didn't have anything to do with the plan to liberate Mosul at this point in time.

The sad truth is that Mosul didn't need to be liberated if it had been protected more willfully.

The Iraqis, the Americans, the Saudis, and the Barzani-led Kurdish government ceded Iraqi territory to ISIS on purpose. They sacrificed the Ezidis to them on that mountain. Not a fan of ISIS, but the Iraqis and the "coalition" don't deserve to win this war, not after that shameful deed.

Now they're letting top ISIS commanders who committed crimes to escape into Syria. Another shameful deed.

Iraqi leaders of all sects and ethnicities have no shame. Iraq will be in a state of war and degradation for the foreseeable future because it has no true leaders. They have self-interested tribal chiefs, corrupt politicians who steal from the public, and religious preachers greedy for power, but not a strong leader. It will be under the influence of the Americans, Turks, Saudis, and Iranians for a long time.

Some of the foolish citizens of Mosul who cheered when ISIS took their city falsely believed that ISIS was their saviour, that ISIS would take the fight to the Shiites and Iran who they irrationally feel humiliated by, but they have since learned that ISIS came to destroy and control them. ISIS were literally robbers in ski masks wielding machetes, and these idiots invited them into their homes.

If you let in an evil snake into your home, don't be surprised that it eventually turns on you. The Sunnis of Iraq and Syria have learned this over the course of the last five years. Turkey will learn this lesson in time. And Pakistan has been in the process of learning it.