October 18, 2016

What A Joke: France To Hold Talks On Mosul

 Source of photo: AFP.

France is holding a conference on the future of Mosul.

The same country that had a hand in screwing up Iraq and the Middle East a century ago is allowed a leading seat at the table to screw it up for another century.

These Iraqis, man, they have no self-respect. Only fools don't learn from their history.

Iraqis look to Europe for political leadership and America for military leadership, and then they wonder why they can't fix their own local problems. As long as they keep this submissive mindset and allow countries like America and France to handle their affairs then their society will be a mess for the next hundred years.

The exodus of the gifted and secular people out of Iraq won't end anytime soon. All the Christians, Ezidis, Jews, and other minorities have already left due to evil Western policies and actions. And they're probably never going back.

Video Title: France to host meeting on future of Mosul. Source: CCTV News. Date Published: October 18, 2016. Description:
French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault says France will host an international meeting on Thursday on the future of Mosul. The statement comes on the second day of a major offensive to retake Iraq's second city from ISIL militants. Ayrault said the coalition must plan for the stabilization of Mosul after the military battle, adding that Iran, which wields substantial influence in Iraq, was not invited to the talks.