October 21, 2016

Three Videos On The Mosul Battle

From, "ISIS plans to attack Mosul Dam" ansa.it, September 7, 2016:
Italian troops guarding Iraq's Mosul Dam are in danger after a "specific and detailed" warning of an attack by ISIS militants, the Wikilao site said Wednesday, saying the troops were on maximum alert. It said the attack would be "the biggest attack ever conceived by the Caliphate" in Iraq. While there has been no "proclamation" of the impending attack, as is ISIS's practice, Wikilao said there was not a single attack planned but "a large-scale assault that they have been working on for months." It said "the machine for the operation has started rolling" even though the preparations were being conducted in high secrecy to maximise the surprise effect.
Video Title: Petraeus says there’s a bigger challenge to come once Iraq retakes Mosul from ISIS. Source: PBS NewsHour. Date Published: October 20, 2016. Description: 
The battle for Mosul is the most important of the two-year campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq. Judy Woodruff speaks with retired Gen. David Petraeus, former commander of the Multi-National Force Iraq, about the current combat mission, as well as what he says is the greater challenge of governance of the region after ISIS has been dislodged.

Video Title: Islamic State: armed forces close in on Mosul. Source: Channel 4 News. Date Published: October 20, 2016. Description:
Iraqi and Kurdish forces have continued to close in on the last major stronghold of Islamic State in Iraq. The offensive supported by coalition airstrikes, began on Monday. Today, Kurdish forces opened up a new front in villages north east of Mosul like the strategically important Bashiqa - where fighting continues, while Iraqi forces attacked Bartella around six miles to the east - on the road between Mosul and Irbil - the Kurdish capital. They're also pushing north towards Hammam al- Alil.

Video Title:  After the Battle for Mosul. Source: Currents NY. Date Published: October 21, 2016. Description:
After ISIS, the world is anxious about what will come next for the people of Mosul. Michelle Powers sat down with Ed Clancy, a director from Aid to the Church in Need, who has worked directly with Christians on the front-lines.