July 29, 2015

Obama Struck A Home Run With Iran Deal, But Ditching Kurdish Allies In The Middle of Anti-ISIS Fight Was The Wrong Play

Washington is a sad clown who is juggling too many balls. Somebody needs to cut the lights and tell this clown to leave the stage and go home.

None of Washington's allies can or should trust it. Only blind fools put faith in American promises and deals. Although the P+1-Iran deal is good for the region and the world, it is not a sure thing because Washington is not a trustworthy actor. Never has been. Never will be. Anyone who believes otherwise is either dishonest or has not read enough history.

The best thing for the U.S. to do would be to leave the Middle East completely, every inch of it, leave every ally and enemy behind, and concentrate on rebuilding home. China is building the future and the U.S. should do the same. Too much money has already been wasted elsewhere.

The Middle East will blossom without America. The worst thing to happen to the region in the last half century, worse than ISIS and other idiotic extremists, worse than religious tyranny, worse than a hundred dictators, has been constant US interference.

Saudi Arabia and Turkey will take a hit from losing their ally, for sure, but Israel will be fine because it can defend itself on its own, and Israel's security is all that seems to matter in Washington anyways.

The alternative is to piss off ally and enemy alike. And the sad clown isn't strong or smart enough to juggle a region in total chaos.

The only option for Washington is to leave the stage before it is burned down and let the bloody show go on without it.