July 28, 2015

U.S. And Turkey Seek To Bolster ISIS In Northern Syria By Bombing The PKK

“History doesn't repeat itself but it often rhymes." - Mark Twain.

Ever since the illegal U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in the fall of 2001 the role of Pakistan has come under constant scrutiny. Numerous American officials and Western diplomats have said on record that Pakistan is playing a double game in the war on the Taliban and other extremists in Afghanistan. And they're absolutely right on this point.

In fact, a former top Pakistani spy named General Durrani openly bragged not too long ago in an interview with Al Jazeera that his government secretly aids the Taliban against the Afghan pepole and the international-backed Afghan government.

The man gave his reasons, and naturally morality and the lives of innocent Afghan civilians were not factors in his military calculations. He sincerely believes that backing the Taliban and Jihadist terrorism in general is in his country's best geopolitical and security interests.

It's may be in the army's best interests, but the nation's? Not so much.

The air of arrogance around him was off-putting, but at least he had the guts to say on camera that his government supports terrorist groups to promote the national interest. He knew the game the other side was playing, so clearly Mr. Durrani isn't a stupid man. But the thing that was most memorable from the interview was his boldness and matter-of-factness speaking style.

No former or current official from the Turkish, American, Israeli and Saudi states have ever revealed as much, whether to domestic or foreign media.

Turkey, like Pakistan, has backed Jihadist terrorist groups in a neighbouring country with the full knowledge and backing of the scum in Washington. The only difference is the duration of their support to Jihadist terror groups and their stated national objectives. The tools, the narratives, and the tactics are the same.

Afghanistan and Syria have been the unfortunate victims of their neighbours' pro-terrorist proxy policies. It also doesn't help them that the US and NATO have chosen the side of the aggressor and oppressor.

Afghanistan is a playground where the troublemakers are protected by the teachers. And there is a reason for this. Pakistan and the U.S. have made numerous deals about who to hit and who not to hit in the fraudulent war on terror. This is why the Taliban is still kicking around in 2015. They are being protected.

As part of the deal, the U.S. uses Pakistan's territory as a key supply route. Occassionaly there are threats from Islamabad to interupt the flow but it hasn't acted on them in a serious way.

In return for Pakistan's collaboration in the fraudulent war on terror, it gets to strike the so-called "bad Taliban" in its neck of the woods, who are targeting Pakistani soldiers, and feed the so-called "good Taliban" who are terrorizing Afghans and fighting NATO troops in Afghanistan. It's a messed up and failed policy. And Washington has went along with this policy more or less quietly because it also benefits from having Jihadist terror groups around.

Washington is making a similar arrangement with Turkey. Under a new deal signed recently by the Osama adminstration, the US gets to use a key Turkish airbase to do God knows what and Turkey in return will get strong diplomatic backing from Washington in its decades-long war on the PKK/YPG.

Officially Turkish officials are selling their renewed war on the PKK as an air campaign against ISIS but that is clearly a lie in order to get international credibility. The truth is that Turkey, America, Saudi Arabia, Israel, France, England, and Qatar have covertly backed ISIS since the beginning of the war in Syria and they're not about to stop now. ISIS is the only horse they have in Syria.

Will the Talibanization of Syria, envisioned by the tyrants in Saudi Arabia, America, Turkey, and Israel be complete? Will the U.S. and Turkey create an ISIS-free zone in northern Syria wherein ISIS will be free to terrorize and slaughter the local populations even more aggressively than it has before, under NATO air cover? Will Washington, Riyadh, and Ankara help to create the new Caliphate?

The answer to these questions depend on what Assad and the PKK decide to do next. They are being backed into a corner where the only option is to fight. Syrians and Kurds are tough, liberal, secular-minded people and they will not allow the U.S., Turkey, Israel, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia to force feed them ISIS baloney.

Saudi Arabia and Turkey will find, like Pakistan has since the 1970s, that their own conservatively-inclined populations are more susceptible to the poison that ISIS is peddling than the populations they are currently terrorizing and brainwashing in other lands.

What darkness will the US, Saudi Arabia and Turkey ultimately bring over Syria? Will ISIS reign supreme in Damascus as the Taliban once did in Kabul?

One thing is clear: the countries that support Jihadist terrorism only suffer and lose in the end. History shows that. Supporting the Taliban has backfired for Pakistan. Turkey and Saudi Arabia will discover the same bitter fruits on their doorstep in the near future as a result of their current support for ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq.