July 29, 2015

US-Turkey No Fly Zone In Syria Is A Very Bad Idea

President Obama and President Erdogan are heads of the two biggest terrorist states on the planet. Their covert plan to back ISIS against Assad and the PKK has led to nothing but death and destruction for the peoples in the region. They can stop their terrorism now and bow out gracefully, or be defeated and humiliated.

Turkey is a terrorist state. The United States is a terrorist state. NATO is a terrorist organization. They created ISIS and continue to protect it. 

ISIS will be the chief beneficiary of the proposed US-Turkey plan to establish a no fly zone in northern Syria. 

But they will fail. They will not accomplish any of their aims. Their terrorism has no purpose but destruction. NATO, the U.S., Turkey, and ISIS will be defeated. Obama and Erdogan will go down in history as the two biggest terrorist leaders in modern memory. 

The American and Turkish peoples need to reflect on the violence and terrorism their governments are perpetrating in the name of national security, do some national soul searching, and elect more moral leaders to guide them in the future.
An excerpt from, "Balkanizing Syria, Buffer Zone In Northern Syria. Redrawing The Middle East Map." by Stephen Lendman, Global Research, July 29, 2015:
At Monday’s daily State Department press briefing, AP’s Matt Lee asked spokesman Admiral John Kirby “what’s going on with the Turks? (I)t seems like a really bizarre situation has unfolded over the course of the past week with them (claiming to join) the air strikes against ISIS, but at the same time bombing PKK positions” in Syria and Iraq.
“So what exactly is going on here, and doesn’t this just make an even bigger mess out of the situation than” earlier?
Kirby ducked the question saying “(w)e are grateful for Turkey’s cooperation against ISIL (America’s ally, not enemy) to include now use of some of their bases for coalition (US/Britain/Israel and now Turkey) aircraft to go against targets – ISIL targets, particularly in Syria.”
Fact: Washington provides air support for IS proxy foot soldiers. Syrian infrastructure is targeted. Easily visible columns of IS elements (via satellite imagery) move free of US attacks.
They could easily be destroyed if Washington wanted them eliminated. Just the opposite. Kirby and other US officials claiming America is at war with IS is polar opposite truth.
Matt Lee pressed Kirby on attacking PKK fighters in Iraq and YPG Kurds in Syria – “perhaps the most effective (ones) on the ground against ISIS/ISIL,” he said. “You don’t have a problem with that,” he asked?
Kirby disagreed on Kurdish effectiveness, called the PKK “a foreign terrorist organization” because Washington say so, and added “Turkey has a right to self-defense” – the same rationale as Israel’s phony claim about a Palestinian threat.
Lee pressed further asking “(i)s the US telling Turkey not to go after the PKK if the PKK in Syria are going after ISIL – yes or no?”
Kirby seemed nonplussed – interrupted by another reporter asking “(s)o you don’t know (about Kurdish elements) fighting inside Syria?”
Kirby lied saying “I have no specific information.”
Question: “Who is shooting at whom at this point?”
Kirby ducked the question – without explaining sophisticated US satellite imagery he understands well as a retired navy admiral, able to follow ground activity wherever the Pentagon wishes.