April 7, 2015

Pakistan Political Parties Reject Saudi Request For Military Support In Yemen War

Money can buy you governments, but it can't win you wars.

Title: Saudi Arabia seeks Pakistan military support. Source: CCTV News. Date Published: April 6, 2015. Description:
Saudi Arabia has asked Pakistan for military aircraft, warships and soldiers, prompting Pakistan to hold a parliamentary debate on whether to get involved in the conflict. Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has repeatedly said he will defend any threat to Saudi Arabia’s “territorial integrity”.
Angry Arab - Pakistan and the Saudi war on Yemen:
From a friend and a well-known colleague in Yemen:

"Please don't mention my name dear As'ad but I thought I should share this with you:

Although the joint session of the Pakistani Parliament will discuss and decide how to respond to the Saudi request for sending Pakistani bomber jets and troops to Yemen to join the "Gulf coalition of the willing," Pakistan's most popular private TV channel tonight (5 April) invited in its show "Capital Talk" representatives of all the major political parties to explain their positions. There was an unprecedented consensus among ALL the political parties' spokespersons that: (a) Pakistan should act as a mediator and not as a party to the conflict; (b) Pakistan should remain neutral in the current conflict in Yemen; (c) Pakistan should not commit its troops unless there is a tangible threat to the sanctity of the two holy mosques.

The Saudi embassy in Islamabad is desperately trying to mobilize the Salafi and Deobandi ulama to rally around their position in Yemen and even trying to put together a delegation of ulama to visit Riyadh and pledge their support for the Saudi action in Yemen."
The momentum against involvement in the illegal Saudi-led war against Yemen is building inside Pakistan. The Saudis are getting so desperate that they're specifically asking for Sunni soldiers from the Pakistani army, further injecting sectarianism into the political conflict in Yemen. Pakistani columnist Khalid Muhammad writes:
I understand that you want to believe that the conflict in Yemen is justified and that our holy sites are threatened by the Houthi rebels, but that is simply not the case. This is not a battle for the integrity of Saudi Arabia, but an expansionist power grab by them to re-instate their chosen leader.

When you have spent the past 2 weeks telling the world that you want the Pakistan Army involved in the conflict, or as the media has reported it “the Pakistan Army wants to be involved,” only to turn and demand that only Sunni officers and soldiers are sent to fight, you have to start to wonder what the greater game is here.