April 6, 2015

The Houthis Provided Pakistani Evacuees Safe Passage Instead of Using Them As Bargaining Chips

The quotes in the article below provide more proof that the Houthis have honour and intelligence, two things that the Saudis clearly lack. Their campaign of naked aggression against Yemen will end in disaster. They will be defeated. The question is will the Pakistanis, Egyptians, and Turks join them in their humiliation and defeat?

An excerpt from, "How Long Can Pakistan Avoid Joining Saudi-Led Attacks On Yemen’s Houthis?" by Zofeen Ebrahim, MintPress News, April 6, 2015:
“Why take on another problem?” asked Juzer Amreli, another businessman, who was among the 500 Pakistanis recently evacuated from Yemen. “There is much respect for us in Yemen, but more importantly, for Yemenis, whether they are Shias, Sunnis or Houthi rebels, Yemen comes first.” 

Amreli told MintPress that when the evacuees reached the port city of al-Hudaydah, half the airport had been destroyed by the Saudi-led bombing campaign. It was the Houthis who ensured their safe return. 

“Just when the plane doors closed and we were preparing for take-off, the airplane was stopped and the pilot informed to accommodate another seven Pakistani passengers who had also managed to reach the airport,” he said. “The news that Saudi Arabia had asked Pakistan to join its coalition army had spread and we all could have been used as bargaining chips by the rebels. Instead, they allowed us to leave their country safely.”