April 7, 2015

Obama Got Rid of The Imaginary Iranian Bomb, But Continues To Ignore The Very Real Israeli Bomb And Wahhabi Bomb

Good deal, bad deal, no deal, it doesn't matter, you can never win with these guys. They have always been after war. Nothing else will satisfy them.

1. An excerpt from, "Israeli Professor - 'We Could Destroy All European Capitals'" by Nadim Ladki, IAP News, 2003:
An Israeli professor and military historian hinted that Israel could avenge the holocaust by annihilating millions of Germans and other Europeans.
Speaking during an interview which was published in Jerusalem Friday, Professor Martin Van Crevel said Israel had the capability of hitting most European capitals with nuclear weapons.
"We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets of our air force."
Creveld, a professor of military history at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, pointed out that "collective deportation" was Israel's only meaningful strategy towards the Palestinian people."
2. An excerpt from, "Saudi Arabia said to have bought nukes from Pakistan" by Stuart Winer, The Times of Israel, November 7, 2013:
“The Saudis will not wait one month,” Yadlin reportedly said. “They already paid for the bomb, they will go to Pakistan and bring what they need to bring.”
Another source, described as “a senior NATO decision maker,” told Urban earlier this year of an intelligence report about Pakistani-made nuclear weapons ready for delivery to the kingdom.

Since 2009 Saudi Arabia has been sending clear warnings to the US that it will not sit back and let Iran go nuclear.

“I do think that the Saudis believe that they have some understanding with Pakistan that, in extremis,” they would be able to get nuclear weapons from Pakistan, Gary Samore, who until May this year was US President Barack Obama’s counter-proliferation adviser, was quoted as saying.

The Saudis already have the means to deliver nuclear weapons after acquiring Chinese-made CSS-2 missiles during the 1980s. The missiles, which have a range of over 2,500 kilometers, can be armed with nuclear warheads. In addition, it has been clear for many years that Saudi Arabia was funding the Pakistani defense establishment, the report said.
“What did we think the Saudis were giving us all that money for?” a senior Pakistan official was quoted as saying. “It wasn’t charity.”
America and the world powers managed to get a deal to stop the spread of nuclear weapons in the Middle East with a country that wasn't building any nuclear weapons in the first place, while ignoring three countries in the region that already have them: Israel and Pakistan, and by extension, Saudi Arabia.

Wow. What a grand achievement. We should all feel so much safer.

But that's a fantasy world. 

In the real world, the bad guys still have nukes.
The guys who are bulldozing homes in Palestine and beheading Christians in Iraq and Syria get to keep their nukes and even pretend that they don't have any. And the world is being sold on the notion that their possession of nukes is nothing to worry about because they aren't theocrats. Well, maybe Saudi Arabia and Israel should be constrained by religion a little more. Maybe then they'll treat their neighbours with a little more humanity. Maybe then they'll realize that possessing nukes is not such a bright idea.