December 2, 2023

Making Turkey And Qatar Pay For Aiding ISIS And Hamas

Washington and Israel are destroying Gaza, just like they destroyed Afghanistan, using terrorism as an excuse. If they really wanted to defeat Islamist terrorism they should be waging war against Qatar.

The destruction of Gaza and the genocide of the Palestinians has many authors. 

Two of them are undoubtedly Turkey and Qatar, who also played key roles in the financing of ISIS nearly a decade ago. 

Qatar is an oil state that's punching above its weight and needs to humbled, if not completely erased from the map of the Middle East. Either the U.S. hasn't been able to do it thus far or it is happy that its satellite is doing its dirty work for it, like aiding ISIS against Washington's designated enemies and serving as the go-between with the Taliban and Hamas.

As for punishing Turkey, that's up to God and the PKK. Europe, Washington, and Israel have done nothing but make Turkey's geopolitical position stronger in the region, especially vis à vis the Armenians. Along with Russia and much of the Islamic world they have chosen to view Turkey as indispensable and will continue to defend its crimes in the future.

An excerpt from, "Qatar and ISIS Funding: The U.S. Approach" By Lori Plotkin Boghardt, August 31, 2014:

To influence Qatar's policies, the United States has employed a carrot-and-stick approach. It heaps praise on its ally for developing new anti-terrorist financing regulations, while privately discouraging and sometimes publicly admonishing its support for terrorist organizations.

Yet the fundamental problem is that America's counterterrorism agenda sometimes conflicts with what Qatar perceives to be its own political interests. Qatar's security strategy has been to provide support to a wide range of regional and international groups in order to bolster its position at home and abroad. This strategy has involved generously supporting Islamist organizations, including militant ones like Hamas and the Taliban. Allowing private local fundraising for Islamist groups abroad forms part of this approach. Closing channels of support to militant Islamists -- i.e., what Washington would like Doha to do -- would be inimical to Qatar's basic approach to its own security.