November 26, 2023

The Small Violinists, The Small Ayatollahs, And The Small Satan


The Middle East has been taken hostage by wolves masquerading as lambs, by killers masquerading as saints, by small men masquerading as giants.

The seizure of Israeli ships by Yemeni forces in the Red Sea is yet another clear sign that the United States and Israel are not the vaunted military powers they claim to be. 

Great powers are feared and respected. Israel and Washington are being mocked and toyed with on a daily basis. They have been found out as cowards time and time again.

Their greatest military assaults in this millennium have been against hospitals, weddings, and funerals, against terrorists in caves and tunnels, against innocent children with rocks in their hands.

What did they achieve in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan except mass death and destruction, leaving behind terrorist groups in power? 

What did their decades-long illegal war against Yemen get them except a wrathful people hell-bent on revenge? 

What did their acts of terror achieve in New York and Washington except pulling the wool over the eyes of children? 

The Middle East, their own countries, and the world would be more stable if they were true imperial powers, and a real empire.

But USrahell is a fake empire.

They build an empire based on public relations, on mass media, blackmail, and empty propaganda, not on values, religion, military victories, or even economic strength. 

What kind of power is that? What kind of empire is that? What is great about that?

Then you look at their sad foes, and aside from the Yemenis, what have they achieved with their empty tough talk? Nothing. 

The cowardly leaders of Iran would rather pick a fight with the SDF in Syria then take Israel head on. And their various militias are more interested in maintaining power than liberating Palestine. 

When their famous General was killed by Trump a few years ago, instead of declaring war on America the next morning, they bombed a few empty barracks in Iraq and took down a civilian plane. That's the level of their military competence. They have killed their own people by the thousands and only a handful of enemy soldiers. 

And Washington is hyping up this weak regime as the Big Bad in the Middle East? 

What the Middle East needs is a real Big Bad, in the form of a Chinese-Russian military and political alliance. 

The Bear and the Dragon have the military power and economic strength necessary to take over the region and establish peace by diktat. 

Unlike Washington, Moscow and Beijing don't have the problem of the Zionists breathing down their necks, and blackmailing them if they don't get their way. 

They're also not formal allies with Turkey, Saudi Arabia or any of the regional powers, so they're diplomatically able to coerce unwilling participants in a fair and just regional accord.

When you have a group like the Houthis running around and seizing ships for fun you know the region is for the taking. A true imperial power just needs to step up.