October 13, 2023

When Cowards Go To War


Hamas are not the only cowards in this war. Created by Israel, politically empowered by the United States, armed and financed by the Islamic Republic of Iran, trained and coddled by Turkey, it represents only the tip of the spear of terrorism in the region. Terrorists rule all four of these countries, and if they're willing to kill their own populations in false flag operations, then what do you think they're willing to do to their enemies? 

I. When Cowards Go To War

I remember Netanyahu's hyperventilating speeches a decade ago, including in the U.S. congress. He was threatening to go to war with Iran every other month. But when opportunity after opportunity presented itself to declare war and come through on his promise he didn't act. It was clear he was all talk. He's a babbler, not a leader.

Leaders carry out their promises. Putin is a leader. He said he would go to war if NATO overstepped and he did. 

The cowardly men who rule America, Israel, Iran, and the Muslim nations are not leaders. 

How can they lead their countries to war when politically they are weak and afraid of their own people? 

Israel's rulers want a total war but they know they can't go it alone. They need the United States and Europe. But, as we've seen in the war in Ukraine, they are led by cowards, so depending on them is a bad idea.

America wants to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian but it doesn't want to fight Russia for real. Likewise, it doesn't want to fight Iran except through proxies. They'll probably enlist the Turks, the Taliban, ISIS, and the Arab kingdoms. But they don't want hostilities to escalate to the point of a real war. 

Washington's stakes in the Middle East are not that high. What does it have to lose, really? As an imperial power its presence is symbolic and its attention is never fixed. It didn't want to confront Pakistan in Afghanistan and finish off the Taliban or Turkey in Syria to end ISIS for good, so it clearly doesn't care all that much about the fate of the peoples in the region. 

Aside from Israel, Washington has no time for that part of the world, and even when it comes to Israel a nation's sympathy can't last forever. 

Israel clearly wants America to fight the Muslims to the last American dollar, they don't care if the empire goes broke. But money matters. Zelensky is finding out how expendable he is. Israel will find out, too. It is not that important geopolitically. The Holy Land is a holy headache, and nothing more.

Their adversaries are also in for a rude awakening. The young populations of the Muslim world are not interested in fighting a holy war for a rogue terrorist group. Iran wants poor Afghans and Arabs to fight its religious wars in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, and Iraq because it knows its own people are not interested in Palestine. It is a dead issue.

Of course, there are political landmines that have to be avoided. There is no such thing as a frozen conflict. A small spark started by a terrorist group can lead to a larger war involving massive nations pretty quickly. That's always the danger when foreign powers decide to intervene in local conflicts. 

When World War One broke out, the Austria-Hungary empire didn't want to invite the attention of outside powers when they declared war against Serbia in response to the assassination of its crown prince, but we all know it didn't turn out that way.

An assassin's bullet or a small counter-terror action can quickly spread and morph into an uncontrollable bloodlust from all sides, especially when a conflict has boiled over for so long without any sort of meaningful mediation or dialogue.

And dialogue is key because mixed messages can't be taken back when the first shots are fired. 

Any war gathers its own unique momentum, but especially one with religious, theological, and ethnic dimensions.

Washington, Jerusalem and Tehran know they will lose in an all out religious war in the Middle East. They're not suicidal. If such a war were to happen we would see the end of the American empire in the Middle East, the end of Israel in its current form, and the end of the Islamic Republic. 

The Palestinians have already lost everything and it's not likely they will reconquer their lands via Jihad. So the war is truly only existential for the state of Israel. Only its survival as a nation is at stake. And it will use nuclear weapons if the need for it arises because it can't defeat its enemies militarily. 

It has even threatened Europe in the past with nukes if it chooses to intervene against it in a future war. Whether that threat is credible remains to be seen, but I think they are crazy enough to go forward with it in a heightened state of frenzy, and despair. 
We must remember these are cowardly terrorists fighting each other. Neither side has any regard for civilians. They target nothing but civilians because genocide is on their minds.