October 17, 2023

The United Monarchy. Did David And Solomon Exist? w/ Ralph Ellis


"Solomon, Pharaoh of Egypt: The United Monarchy in Egypt" By Ralph Ellis (2017).

Description of the book (Amazon):

There are indisputable links between the Egyptian and Judaic royal lines, demonstrating that King David and King Solomon were actually kings of a unified Egypto-Judaic nation. This is why there is no evidence for these monarchs in the archaeology of modern Israel; for the evidence, including the tombs, sarcophagi and death-masks of these famous monarchs, are actually located in the north eastern Nile Delta.

The Queen of Sheba was also related to this royal line and, as befitting the great 'Queen of the South', her sarcophagus was discovered at Deir el Bahri in Luxor. The book also shows the location of King Solomon's Mines and the true historical identity of Hiram Abif, the hero of the Masonic 3rd degree.

An excerpt from, "Historian claims Solomon was not King of Israel, but an Egyptian Pharaoh" Jerusalem Post, October 16, 2022:
"This is not the kind of discovery that Israeli archaeologists will be happy to hear, for political and cultural reasons, but contrary to the classical interpretations of the biblical story - King Solomon was actually a pharaoh in Egypt," claims a British historian and writer who has researched King Solomon's life story for the past twenty years and reached this stressful conclusion.

Ralph Ellis, 54, claims that he has the solution to a 3,000-year-old mystery, which he arrived at after he was unable to find King Solomon's treasure - 500 tons of gold that are currently valued at $3 trillion - in his legendary mines. Treasure hunters continue to search for King Solomon's mines in the hope of finding the King's treasures, but Ellis is sure that those still trying their luck may find themselves sorely disappointed. 

According to him, Solomon was not the king of Israel at all - but an Egyptian pharaoh named Shushank the First who ruled Egypt and Israel at the end of the 10th century BC (identified by most scholars with the Egyptian king Shishak mentioned in the Bible).
Whether the United Monarchy existed is a matter of ongoing academic debate, and scholars remain divided between those who support the historicity of the biblical narrative, those who doubt or dismiss it, and those who support the kingdom's theoretical existence while maintaining that the biblical narrative is exaggerated. Proponents of the kingdom's existence traditionally date it to between c. 1047 BCE and c. 930 BCE.

In the 1990s, Israeli archaeologist Israel Finkelstein contested that existing archaeological evidence for the United Monarchy in the 10th century BCE should be dated to the 9th-century BCE.: 59–61  This model placed the biblical kingdom in Iron Age I, suggesting that it was not functioning as a country under centralized governance but rather as tribal chiefdom over a small polity in Judah, disconnected from the north's Israelite tribes. The rival chronology of Israeli archaeologist Amihai Mazar places the relevant period beginning in the early 10th century BCE and ending in the mid-9th century BCE, addressing the problems of the traditional chronology while still aligning pertinent findings with the time of Saul, David, and Solomon. Mazar's chronology and the traditional one have been fairly widely accepted, though there is no current consensus on the topic. Recent archaeological discoveries by Israeli archaeologists Eilat Mazar and Yosef Garfinkel in Jerusalem and Khirbet Qeiyafa, respectively, seem to support the existence of the United Monarchy, but the dating and identifications are not universally accepted.

According to the biblical account, on the succession of Solomon's son Rehoboam, the United Monarchy would have split into two separate kingdoms: the Kingdom of Israel in the north, containing the cities of Shechem and Samaria; and the Kingdom of Judah in the south, containing Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple.

Video Title: The United Monarchy. Did David And Solomon Exist? w/ Ralph Ellis. Source: Esoteric Thoughts. Date Published: October 14, 2021. Description:

The United Monarchy and the literal existence of King David and King Solomon is a vigorously discussed topic amongst scholars and theologians alike. In this video Ralph Ellis lays out years of research to discuss whether these biblical characters are a Fact or a Myth, and what are the subsequent implications to religion.