September 19, 2023

Spencer: Did Muhammad Exist? An Inquiry Into Islam’s Obscure Origins


Video Title: Did Muhammad Exist? (Revised ed.) - Out Now! Source: PfanderFilms. Date Published: July 13, 2021. Description:

Finally, Robert Spencer's highly anticipated newly revised edition from his masterpiece of 2012 entitled 'Did Muhammad Exist?'! 

We have all been waiting for 9 years for this 2021 updated and enlarged work (it's 25% larger than his former book) which includes the newest research on the subject concerning whether there ever was the Muhammad of Islam in the 7th century. 

But Robert has gone beyond what he did earlier and is also asking whether there ever was a city called Mecca, or even a Qur'an similar to what we have today in the 7th century as well. 

This book should be on everyone's bookshelf, as it is foundational for understanding where we are going with the research on the Origin's of Islam. 

While many well known academics have already found and therefore know much of what Robert is saying here, very few of them have been brave enough to actually go public with what they have discovered, or dared to publish it, out of fear of possibly being forced to leave their academic institutions, to say nothing of being branded 'hate preachers' or 'Islamophobes' by the Muslims and their supporters. 

Robert has none of these fears, and so has done all of us a great favour by gleaning the results of their research, coalescing it into one book, and making it understandable to those of us who just don't have the time or ability to find it for ourselves. 

Video Title: DID MUHAMMAD EXIST? "Nope", here's why! (#1). Source: PfanderFilms. Date Published: May 13, 2021. Description:
Here's the 'million dollar question'...Did Muhammad ever Exist? 

Everything we have been told about Muhammad by the Muslims, about his life, about what he said, even about his city Mecca, and his book the Qur'an is now proving to be suspect. 

And the reason? 

Because we now know that none of what they have been telling us was known or written down by anyone who actually knew him, or even lived in the same century he lived. 

In fact, we now find that everything about early Islam was compiled hundreds of years later, and hundreds of miles away, written down by those who never saw him, nor heard him, nor even knew him. 

Yet, they created his story and then redacted it back 200-300 years earlier, without realizing the many historical mistakes they were making. 

So, why haven't we been told this before? 

Why have the Muslims kept this a secret from us? 

Well, obviously because that fact alone means Islam is nothing more than a man-made religious belief, concocted in the 8th - 10th centuries, and then continually embellished up to, and including, today.