August 2, 2023

Paul Sutton - The Woke-Trans War on the West

An excerpt from, "Modern Ideologies and the Loss of Reality" By Fr. Gerald E. Murray, January 31, 2022:

The essential problem we face in the Western world is the loss of reality. We have entered into a nihilistic view of the world in which nothing is what it is, where there is no such thing as “what something is.” According to this view, something only becomes what it is when we determine it. It is called the “plasticity of reality.” Everything is subject to man’s reshaping or designating of value. 

We have adopted a philosophical outlook that rejects metaphysical realism, which is the foundation of Western civilization. Metaphysical realism is an essentially Aristotelian view of the world, which, when combined with the Roman legal mind, produced Western civilization in the pre-Christian period. Christianity then added the supernatural understanding that correctly guides sense perception. Understanding accurately the nature of things is complemented by the supernatural understanding of the divine purpose of creation.  

The perfect example is gender ideology. The idea is that I’m going to treat something in a certain way because that’s the way I think it should be. I’m going to determine that something is this way, and if you disagree with me, then you are a hateful person who has to be coerced or somehow constrained or even “cancelled.” This is the gender-ideology fascism that we’re going through today, where if you travel to a certain region and you’re instructed that Miss Jones is now Mr. Jones, if you ever call her “she,” you’re going to be fired, fined, or perhaps arrested. That’s a coercive use of power in order to enforce an imaginary worldview which is, of course, false. It’s really a pathological view that’s now being elevated to a legal status in our country. 

Gender ideology is just one example of the flight from reality. The same can been seen in the case of abortion. It’s not a baby because I don’t want it to be. The same is true for so-called same-sex “marriage.” It’s a marriage because I want it to be a marriage. No, it isn’t. The same is true for “gender non-conformity,” the idea that there can be a “transgender” person, someone who says he’s a male but really is biologically female, or the idea that there’s something beyond male and female (“non-binary”). It’s all a denial of reality and a failure to make proper use of the intellect to conform one’s thinking to what is true.  

The sexual revolution in the 1960s is one of the starting points for the current decline. The broader perspective in the twentieth century goes back to the two world wars during which Europe largely self-destructed, meaning that one part of Europe tried to destroy another and the other fought back. In the process, however, the one did such damage to the other. European man and people in the European sphere lost confidence in European culture. The Catholic Church remained faithful to her teaching but came under pressure from the idea that we have to create a new world and a new Europe.  

Video Title: Paul Sutton - The Woke-Trans War on the West. Source: LegaliseFreedom1. Date Published: August 2, 2023. Description:

In the West, a social, political and intellectual conflict is now raging. The outcome of this conflict will decide whether our countries remain relatively peaceful, or if we'll get political violence and civil war. One of the main pillars of this conflict is the trans agenda. The most terrifying aspect of trans-gender ideology is what should have prevented it achieving anything: a rejection of objective reality, replaced by so-called personal 'truths' and self-validation. Self-worship has triumphed - at least for the moment - over the building blocks of our culture and society: religion; philosophy; political plurality; artistic expression; science. 

There are increasing numbers of dissidents against wokedom, but vastly outweighed by those who see nothing to gain from challenging this orthodoxy. Aside from those with an unshakable belief in objective truth, many actually don't have much to gain. Yet belief in objective truth is essential in society. If objective reality continues to be rejected in favour of innumerable conflicting ‘personal truths’, then our society will not survive.