August 8, 2023

French And Western Aid To ISIS Terrorists In Sahel Region Is A Big Factor For Popular Support Of Niger Coup


The dogs of war have been unleashed upon Niger and West Africa.

The patriots and nationalists within the militaries of Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and other neighbouring nations have come to the bitter understanding through a decade of experience and firsthand knowledge that their collective fight against Islamist terrorism will never be won as long as France, America, and the other NATO powers are leading them. The war against terrorism is a dog and pony show for them. 

Gaddafi warned them what would happen if they attacked Libya and they didn't listen. They gloated and cheered. They welcomed the chaos and carnage that their illegal war brought throughout Northern and Western Africa.

It's a shock it took this long for these nations to grow a spine and eject the NATO terrorist enablers out of their war rooms. But it's better late than never. However, they'll find that the problem of Islamist terrorism in their region is about to grow tenfold overnight.


An excerpt from, "Why Nigeriens are protesting against France’s anti-jihadist campaign" By Garé Amadou, The New Humanitarian, February 28, 2023:

The New Humanitarian: Why are Nigeriens sceptical of the increased French presence?

Niandou: Nigeriens are sceptical of the French military presence and not against the French. In my opinion, the Nigeriens who are in this position have observed what is happening in Mali and Burkina Faso. For these Nigeriens, the French forces in these countries have not been able to prevent the expansion of terrorism. So, for them, Niger will be in the same situation. Some also believe that the attacks are sponsored by French forces.

The New Humanitarian: Has France played a negative historical role in Niger?

Diado: France has played a historically negative role in Niger because, for Nigeriens, it was France that colonised Niger for several years. The image that Niger retains of France is of continuous colonisation. Despite the fact that [we have] all the resources, the country does not manage to develop. And it is France which is at the origin of this plundering of resources in which there has been no positive progress. There are only negative results: Mineral resources are not extracted fairly, and the country is struggling to benefit from these mineral resources.