August 29, 2023

Dan Gibson - The Sacred City + Mecca Didn't Exist - It Had No Water!

"Where there is no water, there is no vegetation; no vegetation, no food; no food, no towns; no towns, no people; no people, no civilization; no civilization, no history." - Jay Smith on Mecca.

The total absence of water in Mecca and near its surroundings is a fact of geography that the history of Islam has tried to omit, for obvious reasons. It destroys their ahistorical claim that Mecca is an ancient and holy site. 

But how can a city be holy if it can't even provide for the basic needs of life? 

The great cities of mankind were built near rivers. Rome was founded near the Tiber River. London was founded at the River Thames. George Washington chose to build his country's capital on the Potomac River, and also created the Potomac Company to increase trade.

No rivers, no boats; no boats, no commerce; no commerce, no cities; no cities, no leaders; no leaders, no wars; no wars, no victories, as Jay Smith would say.

Until the modern advancements in water technology and the production of desalination plants Mecca was not a city, let alone a global destination. It was pretty much inhospitable throughout its short history, and before that it was a complete desert. 

Today Saudi Arabia has the world's biggest desalination plant, one among many, so the authorities in Mecca can accommodate the millions of religious pilgrims who travel there every year. 

Mecca is perhaps the biggest example of how modern technology can bring an ancient fantasy to life for millions of people around the world. 

Video Title: The Sacred City - English. Source: Dan Gibson. Date Published: December 9, 2021. Description:

This controversial 90 minute documentary film focuses on the founding years of Islam. Dan Gibson believes that the origin of Islam was in the Jordanian city of Petra not in Mecca in Saudi Arabia. This film was created in 2016, and all proceeds in the first five years went to paying for its production. It is now being made freely available on the Internet, and may be copied to other channels, as long as the content is not changed. 

A great deal more research has taken place since this film was made, and a lot of of new evidence is now available which supports Gibson's Petra theory.

Video Title: Mecca Didn't Exist - It Had No Water! - More Meccan Problems with Dr. Jay - Episode 3. Source: CIRA International. Date Published: April 7, 2022. Description:
The city of Mecca is located amidst a vast desert region where there is no water. Where there is no water there is no vegetation, people, towns, cities, civilization, and no history, yet Muslims insist that Mecca’s current location has been a place of great historical importance and the origin of the religion. This simply cannot be. Watch as Al Fadi and Dr. Jay examine topographical maps to prove that Mecca could not have thrived where it is located in the south. Dr. Jay insists that Islam cannot exist without Mecca, so if the Mecca of the Quran isn’t real… then neither is Muhammad or Islam.