June 2, 2023

What is New in War Aims of Ukraine and Russia?


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Video Title: What is New in War Aims of Ukraine and Russia? Source: Vladimir Brovkin. Date Published: May 30, 2023. Description: 

In the context of the anticipated Ukrainian offensive new elements appeared in the war aims of Ukraine and Russia. This video is devoted to these new elements. What is going to happen after Donbas becomes Ukrainian? How will the Ukrainians deal with the Russian population in Crimea? If the Russians go into an offensive, where do they want to stop? Dr. Brovkin is a Russian born American Historian, now retired, used to serve as an Associate Professor of Soviet History at Harvard University, and the author of many books on Russian History, such as Russia After Lenin, Behind the Frontlines of the Civil War, The Mensheviks After October, dear Comrades, and others all available on Amazon.