June 11, 2023

The West Stays Behind The Trenches While Spurring On Ukraine's Death March

The Western media's cynical ballooning of Ukraine's hopes, saying it can win a war against Russia, is completely diabolical. 

Militarily and economically Ukraine stands no chance. China backing Canada to march on Washington a second time would have better odds.

When was the last war Ukraine fought? What is their army made of? When in their short history have they defeated a foe that would give them the confidence to take on an entire civilization on its doorstep? It's ridiculous.

This war is tragic and absurd.

The neocons in the United States bear the ultimate responsibility for this moral and geopolitical disaster, having been the ideological fathers of Russophobia in the post Cold War era, but European leaders and governments also share the blame. 

The West in their hands has sunk politically, morally, culturally, and economically. Engaging in proxy warfare, using entire nations as a means to an end, is what a culturally sick, militarily weak, and morally depraved empire does as it teeters towards the dustbin of history. Look to the 7th century for a couple of examples. 

The Western obsession with Russia has led to countless examples of tragedies and needless human suffering. If it was not for the British slicing India into two to thwart Russian access to the Indian Ocean at the end of WWII the horrors of partition would not have come about. 

The political Islamization of Afghanistan and Iran would also not have happened if the United States did not determine in the 1970s that the Soviet Union was a greater enemy than sects of fanatical Muslims.

Point to anywhere on the map, in any period of modern history, and you'll find case after case of how the irrational Western hatred for Russia has led to political destabilization, humanitarian disaster, and long-term conflict.

Ukraine is just their latest victim.