April 3, 2023

Spy Expert On Chinese Espionage In The West

Rupert Allason aka Nigel West is the author of many books on espionage and spycraft, among them include: "Operation GARBO: The Personal Story of the Most Successful Double Agent of World War II" and "Spies Who Changed History: The Greatest Spies and Agents of the 20th Century."


Rupert William Simon Allason (born 8 November 1951) is a British former Conservative Party politician and professional author. He was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Torbay in Devon, from 1987 to 1997. He writes books and articles on the subject of espionage under the pen name Nigel West.

Skip to the 9:14 mark for his comments on China in the video below.

Video Title: Talking pints with author Rupert Allason AKA Nigel West. Source: GBNews. Date Published: August 30, 2021.