August 25, 2022

Tsar Nicholas II, The Loss of a Great Man - Matthew Raphael Johnson


Video Title: Tsar Nicholas II, The Loss of a Great Man - Matthew Raphael Johnson. Source: Isidore. Date Published: August 28, 2021. Description:

A talk made during the 98th anniversary of Tsar II's and his family's brutal murder. Dr. Johnson looks at the impact of the Tsar's reign and goes to show that he was hardly the tyrant that the liberals and communists paint him as. This is the description on his podcast:

"On July 17, 1918 the royal family of Russia were murdered and today’s podcast was recorded on the 98th anniversary of the crime.

Tsar Nicholas is one of the greatest men of the 20th century. His reign was a success on all fronts. Industrial growth was extraordinary. Railroads were being laid throughout that huge country. Iron and steel production increased by about 156% between 1900-1913, while pig iron, or unprocessed iron, increased by almost 100%.

The state was spending a fortune on education at all levels. Peasants were buying land from the nobility through the peasant land bank, which offered credit on very good terms. Other peasants were moving to fertile parts of Siberia, at government expense, with state supplied tools and seed. Russian exports and her foreign trade increased by about 150% throughout Nicholas' reign. Between 1861 and 1916, about 90% of the land was in peasant hands. In Germany at the time, the figure was about 40%.

The fact is that the old nobility were disappearing. While few of these nobles were wealthy, almost all of them were deep in debt. Government service, a rising peasant class and a middle class were slowly taking over. The working class by 1900 was still tiny. Contrary to popular belief, peasant landholding was expanding in every direction, both in it’s communal setting as well as for individual proprietors. Russian taxes were the lowest in Europe, at 1.83 rubles per capita, versus the equivalent of 17 rubles in Great Britain at the time.

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